Things That Will Make Any IT Person Cry

If you’re an IT person and have dedicated your life to fixing and maintaining computers, software, and so on, we have to apologize for what we’re about to show you, because we know it will hit you harder than anyone else. We’re sure you’ve seen it all in your line of work, but there are some people who have no idea how to take care of a computer or other bits of related hardware. It’s actually quite baffling that people don’t think there’s anything wrong with what they’re doing! We’ve a whole load of photos here showing flagrant crimes against tech. Take a look and see if you can keep a brave face!

You would want to wear gloves before touching this mess!

dirty laptop

Seeing things bend that are not supposed to bend, makes us feel strangely uncomfortable… 

bent macbook

This power outlet needs throwing away!

dirty extrension cable

Yuck! How do people let things get this bad? 

computer mouse built up dirt

This looks like someone sneezed with their mouth full of dinner, several times.

spilt on laptop

That looks like a nice smooth cut… not.

broken pc tower case

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(they get worse)

Uh, oh…

broken pins on computer cable

Oh, the annoyance felt when this happens is overwhelming! 

broken charger inside laptop

This makes us feel itchy. 

built up fur in computer tower dust

Why, just why?

horrible mouse connector

It amazes me how this next one has not started a fire yet! But also, how have they managed to hang it from the wall like that without it pulling the socket out?!

It really shocks us how unhygienic and plain dirty certain people are. Of course, it’s nothing to do with how clean, or unclean, people choose to be but doesn’t it just gross you out? 

Because it would have been so difficult to put a chair, a box, or literally anything supportive underneath?

computer hanging by cable

It takes minimal effort and a few minutes of your time to dust and wipe down your equipment. As with many other things in life, people who take care of their possessions tend to notice that they will last a lot longer! Dust spores in particular and terrible for both humans and computers.

Go ahead, flip the switch! 

power on and off wireless switch

If you recognize that your own stuff is similar to any of these images, get cleaning people!

Those fans DO NOT look sufficient! 

fire hazard computer set up

This is as wrong as a bone sticking out of a body. 

funny computer cable extension

What a soldering mess we have here! 

computer wires melted together

We want to know who the genius that came up with this idea is?

health and safety projector

Nothing wrong with this picture, nothing at all…

wireless router on microwave

A customer brought this in explaining that there was a ‘small spark’. 3 hours later Apple quietly issues a recall for these chargers!

apple charger burnt

This poor, unfortunate soul took a tumble down some stairs. 

broken laptop

The lengths some people will go to are actually rather amusing…

computer with fan taped to it

This next guy must be fuming with his laptop after the ink just ran through the screen!

It’s no secret that computer repairs and all things related can end up being expensive, therefore many people try their luck when taking things in to repair shops and choose to plead innocence. This is often particularly true when it comes to things like smashed screens. But, what we want to remind you of is that people who work in repair shops are not stupid! They would have seen thousands of repair jobs and can usually very easily distinguish between a manufacturer’s error and a human one. Save yourself some embarrassment and be honest!

Someone tried their luck to suggest this laptop’s digital ink ‘just ran a bit’. We would say good try, but it really wasn’t! 

cracked computer screen

How can anyone let something their fingers are going to touch become so dirty?

dirty keyboard

Filthy mouse mats aren’t acceptable, either. 

dirty mousemat

Can you guess the cause of overheating?

dust overheating drive

What a burnt keyboard looks like…

house fire keyboard ruined

House fires and computers do not mix well.

house fire pc ruined

House fire continued…

house fire pc screen ruined

For those of you reading who have had sweat droplets on your head and an uneasy feeling in your stomach, take solace that this roller coaster of images showing crimes against tech is coming to an end. We hope that these images have inspired and reminded you to take extra special care of your possessions, which includes keeping them clean and dust free! If not, you might just find yourself at a repair shop, shelling out money you’d much rather spend on other things. You might even find a picture of your tech fail floating around on the internet!

Note to self, don’t leave a mirror next to a computer on a sunny day…


Liquid spills can cause quite a few issues. 

liquid spill on computer

After going down two flights of stairs, you may be surprised to read that this DVD/CD duplicator still worked just fine internally! It did need a new case, however. 


If you can’t handle looking at anymore of these then turn away now because the next 10 are just as bad!

So many people are unaware that you could cause your laptop to look exactly like this simply by the way you open it! (One handed from a corner whilst the hinges are still tight) 

splattered screen

No one wants to see this when they come into work…

apple diagnostics

‘A professionally installed hard drive’, we think not. 

badly installed harddrive

That is one serious battery disaster! 

battery sparked

Just a little bit of advice, if you lose a screw, a golf tee isn’t the best replacement. Just buy another damn screw! 

golf tee in computer

What you see here is the aftermath of using an iMac as a shield against a hammer attack. 

mac hammer dent

The people who brought this computer in couldn’t figure out the odd sound that was coming from it. A good prank if you ask us! 

phone stuck in computer

The unfortunate result of being rear ended whilst your computer is in the trunk. 

rear ended broken computer

This was a classic case of ‘I opened the box and it was like this’. Unfortunately, the fact that the customer had 50GB+ of content on it and had owned it for 3 weeks said otherwise. 

smashed mac book pro

This is NOT what you call a professional install. If your property is ever given back in this state, refuse to accept it! 

badly installed computer drive

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