This Double Cereal Dispenser With Portion Control Keeps Your Cereal Fresh

Keep your favorite cereals fresh and crunchy by storing them in this double cereal dispenser. Breakfast cereals typically have a shelf life of up to eight months past the date on the box. Once opened, the cereal is still consumable for a couple of months. However, the cereal may loose its crunch and become stale as the days pass. Not unless you keep it in an airtight dispenser that can preserve the freshness and texture for days.

This double dispenser is a reliable container that is also fun to use. If your kids love crunchy cereals in the morning, they’ll surely love them even more when using this incredible machine. It features two separate dispensers, each can hold up to 17.5-oz of cereal. This amazing device uses a soft paddle wheel to dish out the cereal into the bowl. The easy-twist chrome knob allows even your kids to prepare their own breakfast. A twist automatically releases 1-oz of cereal, a standard size portion, for portion control.


Double Cereal Dispenser

double cereal dispenser red

This dispenser is scratch-resistant with shatterproof construction to keep food germ-free and sanitary. Each canister has an airtight lid to help prevent the flakes from going stale. This unit can preserve freshness for up to 45 days. The trays just below the spouts are designed to prevent crumb spills for mess-free serving. It measures 7.5 inches x 13 inches x 16.3 inches and weighs 4.4 pounds (without content).

black version


dry food dispenser chrome knob


chrome tray


dry food canister airtight lid

The double dispenser is available in black, red, silver and white colors. Aside from cereals, it can also be used to store other dry food such as nuts, legumes and candy. Furthermore, its contemporary style and user-friendly design makes it an elegant addition to your kitchen. It is also easy to assemble featuring a removable bottom tray for quick cleanup. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“We bought two sets of these and we love them. And by we, I especially mean our boys. They like to pretend they’re at a hotel. [The units] are easy to clean and maintain. If I move to a house with a bigger kitchen, I may buy more.”

dry food dispenser silver


double cereal dispenser white


double dispenser


double cereal dispenser black


dry food dispenser white


double cereal dispenser units


double units red

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double cereal dispenser silver

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