After Puppy Daycare Closes This FedEx Driver Brought His Puppies To Work With Him

Even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, frontline workers still continue regular working operations. Unlike many of us, they don’t have the option to work from their respective homes. Sadly, for dog owners, this means having to leave their fur babies alone at home since doggy daycares are closed. Given the current situation, one FedEx driver came up with a brilliant idea of taking his puppies to work.

Daniel Nava has found himself the perfect associates in the form of his two dachshunds, Chorizo and Cocoa. The pups have been living with Nava since they were eight weeks old. Now, Chorizo is two and a half years old while Cocoa is turning two this year. According to Nava, the two surprisingly get along pretty well, despite not being direct siblings. He also further detailed on how the adorable dogs ended up in his care:

“We always wanted to adopt or rescue a Dachshund, but at the time we couldn’t find any in our area, then one day we found a puppy for sale and decided to just go ahead and get it. And we named him Chorizo. Coco came to us from a litter of one of my mother-in-law’s friends, even though they are not direct siblings they love each other very much.”


Since doggy daycares are closed, FedEx driver Daniel Nava thought it would be a great idea to bring his two dachshunds with him to work

Dropping the pups off at a dog daycare has always been a part of Nava’s routine before going to work. Unfortunately, daycare centers have temporarily ceased operations, in compliance with the government’s stay-at-home orders. But instead of simply leaving his dogs at home, Nava figured he could bring them with him to work.

So, from being a one-man team, Nava is now accompanied by Chorizo and Cocoa in his daily delivery duties. And so far, the two newly hired sidekicks have been faring well in their new jobs. In fact, even Nava’s supervisors had nothing negative to say about his new associates.


“My supervisor didn’t mind as long as we were all safe on the road. He was very understanding, especially under the current circumstances.”


The adorable dachshund duo have even got their own work uniforms now!

Apparently, the two pooches are also loving their road trips and delivery adventures with their fur dad. Likewise, the dachshund duo has been spreading some good vibes not just to their package recipients but to the online world as well.


“They enjoyed it, they loved seeing all the people and the people seemed to enjoy looking at them as well.”


Good help might not be so hard to find after all


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