People Share Interesting Things That Have Changed Over Time

Change can be a fascinating thing and these things that are worn down over time just show how time is ineluctable. As the popular quote goes – change is the only constant thing in this world. Indeed, nothing is permanent in this world and everything is subject to change, living and non-living things alike. People grow old, living things perish, and non-living things deteriorate over time. It’s the inevitable cycle of life.

Just as people can leave memories and their legacies behind after they’ve passed away, inanimate objects that are worn down by time can also leave their own interesting stories behind. As surviving reminders of the past, they are long-standing mementos that remind us of the invincible force of time. Despite the decrepitude, these things reveal the beauty of their perennial existence that has endured years of human usage, weather, friction, gravity, and the powerful forces of nature.


Things Worn Down Over Time With Fascinating Stories To Tell


“My Great Grandfather’s British Army Issue Pocket Watch Along With The German Bullet That It Stopped In France 1914”

worn down british army pocket watch

We’ve compiled another list of worn down things with their own amazing stories to tell. And if you want more proofs of how time can change everything, you can check out our previous posts here and here.


“One Of The Oldest ‘Beware Of The Dog’ Signs In The World, Found In Pompeii Ruins, Italy”

oldest beware of dog sign pompeii italy
Xuan Che


“This Sculpture Of Jesus At Abandoned Cemetery In Poland Gets Slowly Absorbed By A Tree. Pictures Taken 12 Years In Between”

worn down jesus statue tree


“The Walls In This Old Coffeehouse Have Shadows Where People Used To Sit”

old coffeehouse wall shadow


“Stairs On The Great Wall Of China. How Many People Do You Think Have Walked On Them?”

worn down over time great wall of china stairs


“Berlin Wall: Graffiti Spray Paint Layers On A Broken Piece”

berlin wall spray paint layers


“Planting 90,000ish Trees Take A Few Inches Of A Shovel”

worn down over time overused shovel


“This Piece Of Wall That Got Rounded By The Sea”

piece of wall rounded by sea


“100 Years Ago Someone Lost Their Coin Purse”

worn down over time coin purse


“A Graveyard of Red Telephone Boxes Located in the Small Village of Carlton Miniott, in the North of England.”

red phone box graveyard


“Cubic Crystals Growing In Old Play-Doh”

cubic crystals old play doh


“This Truck In A Tree I Found While Driving Through The Woods”

worn down car lifted by growing tree


“Can Someone Give Me A Jump Start? Haven’t Driven This Thing In A While”

old car claimed by nature


“Years Of Boops Have Taken Their Toll On Oden’s Nose”

dog nose lightens over time


“My Dogs’ Nerf Frisbee. Still Their Favorite”

worn down overused frisbee


“My Rotting Goomba Pumpkin Looks More Like Goomba Now Than It Did When It Was Freshly Carved”

worn down goomba pumpkin


“My Grandfather’s Liberty Dollar He Carried For 50+ Years Because ‘A Man’s Always Gotta Have A Dollar In His Pocket'”

worn out liberty dollar coin


“A Road On My Work Commute Is Eroding And Starting To Expose The Old Cobblestone Street. London”

eroding road exposes old cobblestone


“Mom Surprised Me With The Brand New Version Of My 27-Year-Old Childhood Stuffed Animal”

old versus new stuffed toy plush pig


“My Mask Filters After One Day Firefighting”

mask filters after one day firefighting


“This Display In Ashmolean Museum Shows How Touching Artwork Affects Material”

how touching affects materials museum sign


“Tree Consuming Children… Sign”

tree consuming worn down sign


“My ID Left An Impression Of My ID Pic On My Badge Holder”

id pic left impression on badge holder


“The Border Of My Tattoo Turned Into A Stretch Mark During My First Pregnancy, Now It Looks 3D”

tattoo border stretches during pregnancy


“A Coin Taped In My Father’s Baby Book Stayed Clean Under The Tape Only”

taped coin baby book worn down things


“This Old Color Pencil Box After Termites Ate All The Wood”

worn down color pencils wood eaten by termites


“This Deteriorating Combination Lock I Found At The Beach”

worn down combination lock


“Leaf Has Been Sitting On A Fountain For A Long Time”

worn down transparent leaf sitting on a fountain


“I’m A Mailman And I Walk Around 11 Miles A Day. My Old Boots Are From Mid March”

worn down mailman shoes


“This Old Copper Crayon Turned Green”

old copper crayon turned green


“Burned Out Microwave Bulb Left This Smoke Pattern Inside”

burned out microwave bulb smoke pattern


“The Way This Tree Grew Over The Railing”

tree growing over worn down railing


“‘Biodegradable’ Cups That Were Buried In A Composter For 15 Years. Everything Else Turned To Dirt Except These”

worn down biodegradable cups not decomposing


“Holes Worn Into A Tree By Shaolin Monks Over Centuries Of Pressing Their Fingers Into The Bark To Train Their Finger Strength”

shaolin monks finger hole marks tree


“They Served Me Well For 6 Years But It Was Time. $220 Plus A $60 Resole A Couple Years Ago From The Local Cobbler. Looking Forward To Another 6 Years”

worn down boots old vs new


“This Perfect Semicircular Mark In The Garden Is Made By A Dog That Has Followed This Path For Years”

dog path semi-circle mark


“An Old Well In A Village In Permet. It Must Have Taken A Long Time For The Grooves To Appear”

worn down well rope grooves


“My Sister Has Kept The Same Koosh Ball Chain On Her Keys Since The Early 90s. What It Is Meant To Look Like vs. What It Actually Looks Like Now”

worn down koosh ball chain


“When 900 Years Old You Reach, Look As Good You Will Not”

worn down yoda key chain


“Years Of Paint Build Up I Chipped Of An Old Trestle At Work”

pain buildup worn down trestle


“This Tree Growing Through An Old Truck”

tree growing through old truck


“My Grandpa’s Old Hammer”

worn down hammer


“An Office Computer Mouse That’s Been Clicked To A Mirror Finish”

computer mouse click mirror finish


“Over The Years Shaggy Has Slowly Turned Grey On My Scooby-Doo Mug”

worn down mug shaggy hair turned gray


“Knife At My Work That’s Halfway Gone From Sharpening”

knife halfway gone from sharpening


“Skateboard Wheels”

worn down skateboard wheels


“David Blaine’s Hands After Spending 7 Days Underwater”

david blaine hands 7 days underwater


“A Vending Machine That Time Forgot”

worn down vending machine star wars


“Roman Clay Tile With Footprint Left By A Toddler As It Dried 2000 Years Ago, Vaison-La-Romaine (Ancient Vasio Vocontiorum)”

roman clay tile toddler footprints


“These Bendy Trees I Saw On My Walk This Afternoon”

bendy trees