Rechargeable Hoseless Pool Vacuum

No one could possibly resist a refreshing swim on a hot summer day. But no one would ever want to dive into a swimming pool with filthy floor. Keep the floor of your pool looking clean and the water crystal clear with minimal fuss with the help of this rechargeable hoseless pool vacuum. Unlike most handheld pool vacuums, this convenient cleaning equipment doesn’t require bulky hoses or lengthy electrical cords to work. Moreover, this cordless tool doesn’t even require connection to a pool’s filtration system.

This hoseless pool vacuum is equipped with a high-performance lithium ion battery that can run up to 1 hour of operation after an 8-hour charge from the included AC adapter. It provides increased suction designed for quick and efficient debris pick-up from any surface. Featuring an internal high-flow pump, this reliable cleaner quickly cleans an entire pool or spot clean in seconds. It features a removable 10.5 inches-wide vacuum head that gently scrubs the floor and picks up more dirt in one pass. Additionally, its crevice nozzle is engineered to clean hard-to-reach areas which enables it to go where automatic cleaners cannot. Dirt and debris around stairs, corners, and ladders have no escape from this power-packed cleaner.


Hoseless Pool Vacuum

hoseless pool vacuum

This rechargeable hoseless pool vacuum has a powerful motor for deep-cleaning with a convenient push button operation. It has a high- capacity debris chamber, making it suitable for swimming pools of any size. Furthermore, it has a reusable multilayered filter bag that traps all kinds of debris such as fine dirt, algae, leaves, sand, twigs, and more. The unit comes with 5 sectional poles that extends up to 6 feet long when attached altogether. This submersible cleaning tool can be connected to any standard telescopic pool pole (not included).

hoseless pool vacuum sectional poles


cordless pool vacuum cleaner rechargeable

This hoseless pool vacuum is made from sturdy, hard plastic that will not dent, fade, or scratch. It measures 23.5 inches long, 10.5 inches wide, 7.5 inches deep, and weighs only 5.5 lbs. This versatile cleaner can be used underwater or above pool ground. It can also be used to clean the surface of a hot tub or spa. All of its amazing debris capture ability without any bothersome cord or hose attachments needed. Cleaning the bottom of your pool won’t be a sticky issue anymore because this cordless and easy-to-maneuver cleaner is here to scrub away and remove detritus from pool floors and walls.

cordless vacuum cleaner above ground


hoseless pool vacuum cleaner

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer