15 Rustic Bathroom Designs You Will Love


It's not uncommon for bathrooms to look quite stark and clinical, but if you prefer to have a more rustic charm in your home, there are plenty of options available. These kinds of bathrooms look excellent in cottages and period homes, where more modern bathrooms can look out of place. Whether you're thinking of remodeling your bathroom or you're just dreaming of the day that you'll be able to, these rustic bathrooms will give you some excellent ideas. 


Check out the rustic wooden beams and gigantic tub.


The beams and exposed stone in this bathroom give it true rustic charm.


What a view!


This rustic bathroom has exposed beams and stunning flagstones. 


Wood and stone give this bathroom a quaint rustic appeal.


Rustic meets modern in this gorgeous shower.


Just look at what's holding up that sink. Amazing!


This bathroom seems rustic and homely, while still having very modern fixtures and fittings.


The cute tub and the roaring fire make this bathroom.


This rustic bathroom has an adorably vintage style.


This light and airy rustic bathroom is just beautiful.


This bathroom is just bordering on rustic and ideal for anyone who doesn't want to go over the top.


Check out the awesome sink in this cabin-style bathroom.


The wooden tub and exposed brick in this bathroom is stunning.


The stone ensconced tub is just amazing.