You Can Get A ‘Baby Shark’ Vacuum For Kids That Actually Works

So, you think you’ve heard the last of the ‘most annoying song in the world’? The craze for Pinkfong’s viral nursery song might have died down a little bit but your little tots probably haven’t gotten over it yet. Here’s a clever trick – let them sing along with this infuriatingly catchy song for hours while they unknowingly help you with cleaning by letting them have this Baby Shark Vacuum. So, they can have fun singing ‘doo doo doo’ for hours while they clean up after themselves without knowing it.

You know how kids love to copy what we do and try to help around the house. While this Baby Shark Vacuum is a toy replica, it moves like the actual cleaning device that we use to give them the impression that they’re using the real thing. Furthermore, it is equipped with real suction power (450PA) to pick up small debris such as poly beads and chip crumbs. This cleaning toy may not be as effective as a regular vacuum cleaner but it will help your little ones clean up their own mess and develop essential life skills in the long run.


Baby Shark Vacuum

baby shark vacuum adjustable handle

To let your kids have fun with their cleaning chore, this Baby Shark Vacuum plays music with accompanying lights at the touch of a button. You won’t even dare ask us what ‘music’ it plays. But let us just confirm your guess – yes – it will play that popular earworm to let your kids sing along with it. This toy also has a simulated cyclone action featuring the entire Baby Shark family. And just like the real thing, this toy replica also has removable waste bin so your kids can see how much they’ve cleaned.

baby shark vacuum toy replica


pinkfong viral song toy replica


baby shark vacuum cordless design


pinkfong viral song inspired toy replica

This toy vacuum cleaner has a built-in rechargeable battery that can provide up to 1.5 hours of cordless runtime per charge. It comes with a micro USB cable for charging and has a powerful built-in speaker to make sure that you’re hearing the catchy rhyme loud and clear. It weighs only 2.2 pounds so your kids can carry it anywhere and has an adjustable handle height ranging from 22.4 inches to 25 inches. Suitable for kids age 2 years and older, your little one is going to love flaunting it around with its recognizable blue and yellow colors. One happy buyer wrote:

“It’s a toy, not a vacuum. It has a small suction power which makes it safe for kids. My daughter loves trying to help me clean so I got her this vacuum so she can learn to help me vacuuming. It plays Baby Shark on continuous use. You can turn on and off the suction which helps swirl the fish in the container. It’s a fun toy.”

pinkfong viral song toy replica wastebin


toy replica with speaker viral song


baby shark vacuum

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