These Convertible Stairs Can Transform Into A Wheelchair Ramp

A wheelchair ramp is necessary in order to enable physically disabled as well as elderly people to access buildings. Unfortunately, most establishments and even public spaces do not provide this architectural element. For this reason, Singapore-based designer Chan Wen Jie introduced a product concept called Convertible Stairs. This ingenious solution could help the elderly and those with mobility difficulties to move up and down the stairs easily and more efficiently.

The stairs come as a set of stairs that can be converted into a wheelchair ramp. It can be mounted directly onto existing stairs. This genius invention features a simple linkage mechanism that allows anyone to convert it into a ramp by just stepping onto a handle. Pushing down the steel handle, located at the side of the lowest stair, will activate the ramp. Once activated, the steps open up into a ramp position. Each step flips up and connects altogether to form an inclined plane serving as a ramp.


These Convertible Stairs Feature a Mechanism That Turns The Steps Into a Wheelchair Ramp

convertible stairs convert into ramp

When you want to bring it back to normal steps, simply pull up the side handle to transform the slope into its previous form.  The stairs offer a low-cost and easy-to-install alternative to the construction of a new ramp. It also makes efficient use of space as it only takes up minimal space off your existing stairs.

For wide stairs, you can just install it on one side and set it up as a permanent ramp to make it more accessible for elderly and physically disabled people. Furthermore, the ramp also allows easier access for push strollers or carts.

convertible stairs linkage mechanism


convertible stairs

One of the great things about the stairs is the modular design. Each step is made up of different components connected together by a linkage system that supports the structure and activate/deactivate the ramp. It also includes an aluminum drainage system on each side of the steps to prevent water from flooding the stairs.

steps wheelchair ramp details

The stairs are just a product concept, hence the set has yet to be created. It would be nice if this innovation comes to fruition as it could greatly benefit people with mobility issues. With this efficient solution, wheelchair users can access steps, doorways, showers and raised landings easily and safely.

portable wheelchair ramp raised landing


set of steps turns into a wheelchair ramp

Source: Behance