You Can Get An Inflatable Pink Princess Carriage That Floats In The Pool

This summer, give your kids the royal treatment they deserve with this inflatable pink princess carriage. Kids are just like us in so many ways. If you are excited for summer, these little tots are even more excited for it. This is the time when they can have more play and days spent at the pool. Hence, it’s important to ensure that they’re having the best time at the pool. And if your kid wished to be the prettiest princess in the water, then so be it.

You can make their dream of becoming Cinderella a reality by letting them float in the pool inside this inflatable pink princess carriage. The gorgeous-looking wagon features a pearlescent sheen that is guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention. This dazzling floatie comes with a fixed roof that doubles as a sunshade canopy to protect your kid’s sensitive skin from the sun. The blow up wagon has two entry points, one on each side, to let your kids go in and out easily. Both the front quarter and rear quarter feature comfy backrests so your little princesses can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Inflatable Pink Princess Carriage

inflatable pink princess carriage

This inflatable pink princess carriage also features four windows with cute curtain designs and four fixed wheels to complete the look. It is made of premium PVC and can be easily inflated using an air pump (not included). When fully inflated, it measures 56 inches long, 53 inches wide, and 41 inches high. That’s not all, the wagon also comes with an inflatable horse that can be used as a separate ride-on pool float. The wagon has 4 sturdy handles, two on each side, to help your kids get on the floatie easily. The inflatable horse has two handles.

pearlescent girly pool float


inflatable pink princess carriage pool float

This inflatable pink princess carriage can sustain up to 220 pounds of weight. So, it can accommodate up to 3 kids at once. When summer is over, you can bring this thing inside your house and use it as an indoor play area for your little ones. The wagon and horse set also comes with a repair patch for a quick fix in case of leaks and punctures. If you want to store it away, simply deflate the wagon and the horse into their compact form.

inflatable pink princess carriage indoor play area


pearlescent girly blow up play area



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