There’s A Vacuum Specifically Made For Picking Up Nerf Darts After A Battle

A great Nerf war is fun but cleaning up after playing isn’t. With hundreds of foam bullets scattered around, picking them one by one is a really frustrating task. But not anymore because this Nerf Dart Vacuum is here to keep the fun rolling. Now, cleaning up becomes part of the fun. You’ll never have to bend down to pick up your ammunitions ever again.

Works just like a regular vacuum cleaner, the Nerf Dart Rover is designed to pick up foam bullets lying on the floor after a Nerf war. It can retrieve up to 100 Elite darts by rolling the rover over the floor. So, you can just let this device do the picking up for you. How convenient is that? The only thing that really upsets us is why didn’t we have this awesome helper when we were kids. But nonetheless, the kids of today are surely going to love this handy device.


Nerf Dart Vacuum

nerf dart vacuum cleaner

This Nerf Dart Vacuum features a rotating spool with tooth-like edges designed to pick up Elite darts on any flat surface. It has non-slip wheels that roll smoothly on flat surfaces. Please note that this rover is designed for indoor use and works best on flat flooring or carpets. Hence, it is not recommended to be used on the grass or uneven terrains. The mesh bag attached at the back holds all the collected darts in one place. And its adjustable handle allows any child of any height handle and maneuver the device with ease.

foam bullet rover cleaner


foam bullet rover


nerf dart vacuum picks up foam bullets


foam bullet rover tooth-like spool

The Nerf Dart Rover is specifically designed to pick up Elite darts. But users claim that it can also pick up Mega darts without any problem. Unfortunately, this vacuum doesn’t work on Rival Rounds, Hyper Rounds, Stefan darts, and other custom darts. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Believe it or not, this thing really does work! Not perfect like a vacuum cleaner but for something that rolls over Nerf bullets, it’s good! Saves my back!”

nerf dart vacuum rover


foam bullet rover mesh bag


nerf dart vacuum easy cleanup


nerf dart vacuum


nerf dart vacuum mesh bag


nerf dart rover vacuum cleaner


rover picks up foam bullet


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