This Easy To Setup Baby Pool Beach Tent Lets Your Little One Have Fun In The Shade

Make summer more fun for your little ones by taking them to the beach and letting them enjoy themselves in this portable baby pool beach tent. For us adults, there’s no other retreat more relaxing and liberating than the beach. The salty ocean air and the soothing sound of the waves can instantly relax our exhausted mind and body. But for babies and kids, the beach is the perfect destination where they can have fun as there is just so much to enjoy. Taking your baby to the beach is an opportunity to introduce them to the outside environment. But you should always keep in mind that babies have sensitive skin. Hence, they should be kept out of the direct sun.

With a little preparation, it’s still possible to safely enjoy your beach getaway with your little one. Sunscreens might be your initial go-to solution for sun protection. But sunscreens are not suitable for babies under six months. The best way to protect your babies from the sun is to keep them in the shade all the time. But then again, confining them under a shaded area won’t give them the fun they need. This portable baby pool beach tent is designed to let your bundle of joy enjoy the outing while keeping them protected from the sun.


Baby Pool Beach Tent

baby pool beach tent

This baby pool beach tent features a pop-up design that automatically pops right into shape when taken out from the carrying bag. The base includes a mini pool to allow your tiny tot to safely play with water and have some splash. Simply dig a small hole under the mini pool area, place the tent over, and fill the pool with water. The integrated canopy is made of durable nylon fabric with special silver coating with UV rating of 50+. It effectively blocks up to 98% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.

kid sunshade canopy


baby pool beach tent blue

The shade has a mesh window at the back to provide excellent ventilation, keeping your little one stay cool and comfortable. You can close the mesh window by rolling the little curtain down. The baby pool beach tent comes with 4 sturdy plastic pegs to help you fix it to the ground and keep it steady in the wind.

In its popped up form, it measures 41.5 inches wide, 30.5 inches high, and 22.5 inches deep. Folding it back is very easy. Turn the tent upside down, hold the sides and fold it in half, turn it over, and squeeze the two sides on the ground. Adjust to make it compactly round, put into the carrying bag (included) and you’re done.

kids sunshade foldable and portable


kid sunshade canopy plastic pegs

This lightweight baby pool beach tent is available in colors blue and pink. Although it’s best used on a sandy beach, you can also place it in your yard, at the park, or even indoors to give your baby a safe playroom anywhere. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“We took my 10 month old to the beach for the first time and this was a life saver. It kept him cool and occupied! It also helped him feel safe since he was a little unsure of the waves. This is easy to pack and takes up no room in the suitcase. Great purchase!”

baby pool beach tent pink


baby pool beach tent outdoors

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