Banana Shaped Bed Is The Perfect Hideaway For Pets To ‘Slip’ Into

Are you looking for a cushy pet bed for your adorable kitty? In choosing the right cat bed, you also need to consider a feline’s need. What type of bed material feels the most comfortable for them? Which design is most ideal for them? We’ve found this cute banana cat bed that will provide all the things that your kitty wants in a bed.

Cats typically have unpredictable behavior which makes them the most interesting pets around. Every cat owner has this very unconditional love for their kitties. And they would give everything that would make their feline companions happy. Of course, a nice cozy bed is essential to help them sleep well and relax. But sometimes, they would refuse to use a cat bed despite how luxurious it is. Instead of using their expensive beds, they would prefer to sleep in a cupboard or even inside a shoe box.

comfortable banana cat bed

What some people don’t understand is that felines are inherently independent creatures. Due to their reticent nature, cats would wish to do their things privately. This explains why they choose to sleep in a concealed place where no one can see or disturb them. But of course, a shoe box is definitely not the most comfortable place for them to sleep. So, here’s the solution. A banana cat bed that can give them the privacy they desire and the comfort they deserve.

banana-shaped pet nest amazon


luckhome banana cat bed top layer


banana cat bed amazon


banana cat bed peelable top layer

This soft plush banana cat bed is designed using breathable, non-toxic fabric to keep them snug on a cold day. Plus, it features a peelable top layer that you can open and close whenever they prefer to lounge in private. It has an interior space that can comfortably accommodate kitties of all sizes. Luckhome Banana Cat Bed is available in two sizes – small and medium. The small pet nest measures 16 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 4 inches high. And the medium bed measures 21.6 inches long, 7.8 inches wide, and 6 inches high. The medium pet nest can accommodate two small kittens at once. Moreover, a small dog can also comfortably fit into the medium-sized bed.

banana cat bed cozy


luckhome banana cat bed


banana cat bed small dog

Your finicky cat could never resist this soft, warm bed with its cute banana-shape design.
Get yours now.