These Creepy Jeans That Float In The Minnesota Air Look As If They’re Being Worn By Ghosts


Imagine trudging home from work down a snowy street in the middle of winter, your breath appearing in huffs in front of you, when you are suddenly confronted by the sight of a pair of jeans standing upright in the air! Yes, pairs of jeans, all on their own, nobody wearing them… except maybe a ghost? Well, this is the surreal scene people all over Minneapolis, Minnesota, have found themselves stumbling across. The 'frozen jeans standing' trend was started by a guy called Tom Grotting, who undertook this bizarre project just to amuse his neighbor. The trend has caught on and now people have started making frozen jeans in cold places all over the world! How is it done? First, the jeans are soaked in water before being sculpted in the frozen air! Take a look!
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