Man Reveals Creepy Places Where People Hide Cameras In Airbnbs

Airbnb has redefined travel and has successfully upended traditional vacation by offering people a cheaper, easier, and relatively stress-free way to book accommodations. Furthermore, the online platform allows potential hosts to earn some income and maintain the flexibility to use their property at their convenience. While the company serves flexibility and affordability for both the host and the guest, it has a potential dark side too. Several stories about guests finding hidden cameras in rental properties have sparked controversy, raising concerns about the privacy and safety of guests.

Airbnb’s policy allows security cameras outdoors for security measures. If there are some security cameras on the property, the host should inform guests as to where these cameras are located. However, Airbnb prohibits the use of hidden spy cameras in bathrooms or anywhere guests plan to sleep. Despite the stated policy, the company could not possibly regulate its over 6 million listings worldwide. This explains why cases of unsafe conditions of privacy violation keep on rising.


Simple Tips On How To Spot Hidden Cameras In Airbnbs

how to find hidden cameras in airbnb

The potential risk of hidden cameras secretly recording your private or intimate moments inside a rental property is indeed scary. And since regulating this is impossible, we could only look after ourselves and ensure our safety in a stranger’s property. There are several ways to detect spy recording devices inside the room. Wi-Fi sniffing apps and handy detectors can help us find and locate spy recording devices. A viral video on TikTok also reveals that you can conveniently use your smartphone to inspect the room and detect spy cams.

airbnb fire alarm hidden cameras

On the video, TikTok user @malwaretech shared some useful tips on how to find hidden cameras in Airbnb using your smartphone. The clever hack involves using the flashlight functionality and the front facing camera of your phone. But first, you should know where to look for these spy devices. Take note that voyuers tend to install these rogue recording devices where they can clearly view your activities. Hence, these covert devices are likely to be simply hiding in plain sight.

alarm clock spy cams detected


wall charger spy cam

A fire alarm, for example, is typically located right above the bed. This could be an ideal hiding place for a spy camera. An alarm clock sitting on the bedside table, mirrors in the bathroom, wall-mounted clocks facing the bed, lightbulbs, and outlets – anything that is pointing directly at the bed or shower should be thoroughly checked. The man who uploaded the video was able to find spy cameras in the fire alarm, alarm clock, and wall charger using his phone.

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