These Inflatable Log Flumes Let You And Your Buddy Battle It Out To See Who Rules Over The Pool

We still have a few more days before we finally bid goodbye to summer break. How do we spend our remaining vacation days? One thing is for sure, we’ll be spending more time in the pool to get the most out of summer. You probably have different sorts of pool floats right now. So, why not up your game with an exciting game of water joust? Emerge as the mightiest gladiator as you knock off your opponent with this set of inflatable log flumes. You and your friend can battle it out in the pool with this fun water joust game.

inflatable log flumes sticks

The set includes 2 inflatable log flumes and 2 inflatable sticks. All you have to do is sit on the log flume and try to take down your opponent with your stick. Go ahead and smack your friends with the inflatable stick. And laugh your heart out as you watch them nosedive into the water. The last one who remains sitting on the log flume is the sole victor. How exciting is that?

inflatable log flumes sticks 3d pattern


inflatable log flumes stick handle

Not a fan of gladiator-style battles? Take a relaxing ride as you paddle your way leisurely around the pool. When the adrenaline kicks in, you and your friends can race it out and see who can paddle the fastest down to the finish line. See? There’s no limit to fun with these inflatable log flumes. Remember, the more the merrier. More log flumes mean more players which also mean more fun.

inflatable log flumes outdoor water joust


inflatable log flume water joust


inflatable log flumes water joust game

Functionality aside, these inflatable log fumes are also eye candies. The three-dimensional printing makes the pattern clear and realistic. It uses high quality printing to ensure that the pattern won’t fade. Plus, it has a smooth surface without burrs to give comfort and ease while in use. Get into action and become the champion of the pool with this set of inflatable log flumes that you can buy here. The set doesn’t include an air pump so you may need to buy it separately to inflate the floaties.

Check out the video below to see the water joust game in action