These Kittens And Puppies Got To Explore A Giant Aquarium And It’s Adorable

While people are in quarantine, wildlife is taking the opportunity to come out and take over cities. Unfortunately, rescue animals in shelters don’t have the same privilege as their wild counterparts. So, the Atlanta Humane Society decided to take their rescue kittens and puppies to a public aquarium. Apparently, getting the chance to explore the world’s largest aquarium is a surprising treat for these cute rescue animals.

While most public places are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Atlanta Humane Society reached out to Georgia Aquarium to make the most out of the situation. Since the public aquarium is empty of visitors as of the moment, they welcomed another kind of visitor. The animal shelter brought a pair of cute puppies named Carmel and Odie to the aquarium for a brief puppy field trip. Although it was an entirely different environment for them, the pups did enjoy watching the tropical fishes, whale sharks, beluga whales and other marine animals. A couple of weeks after, it was the felines’ turn to get the same treat.


These kittens and puppies went on a field trip in a giant aquarium while it wasn’t open to the public

kittens and puppies explore giant aquarium
Atlanta Humane Society

This time, it’s not just two but five cute kittens that will get to explore the giant aquarium. Amusingly, the five kittens have names that are associated with marine life – Nemo, Dory, Bubbles, Marlin and Guppy. Compared to the pups, the kittens seem to be more interested in watching the colorful fishes swimming around everywhere. Well, it’s actually no surprise since felines are into fishes more than canines are. The astonishment on the faces of these cats and dogs is indeed a fascinating spectacle. Moreover, the aquatic animals don’t seem to mind the unusual visitors either.



Just like many other businesses, the animal shelter also had to halt its services due to the pandemic lockdown. As of the moment, they could only do limited adoptions. Thankfully, many of their rescue animals including the kitties and pups are currently in their loving foster homes until adoption services are in full operation again.



But is it actually safe for these animals to explore public places during this global scare? The World Health Organization have stated that there’s no evidence to suggest that animals can catch and transmit the virus. This means animals can safely roam around without posing a risk to themselves and to the public health. As for Georgia Aquarium, they are more than willing to welcome these types of guests for the time being.

Source: Atlanta Humane Society | Website