This Stylish Modern House’s Roof Doubles-Up As A Pool With Panoramic Views

Wouldn’t you like a treat in the summer at an anti reality rooftop pool? Quite surprisingly, a company called Anti Reality exists, and it makes a contemporary vacation home, redesigning the roof as the pool itself.

The key to making the modern design a one-of-a-kind success is simple. The company inverted the roof so that it could house the pool. Vacationists can now enjoy literally swimming on the rooftop while relaxing at the sight of the wide sea view.

What Anti Reality has created is called the Summer House. It only has one story, covering a total of 914 square feet or 85 square meters. The idea was to build the house on a cliff by the coast. What makes it stand out now is that it has the anti reality rooftop pool, plus some panoramic windows and an outdoor walkway.

summer house rooftoop pool by anti reality

Indeed, the Summer House has merged what you will love in both indoor and outdoor living.

Speaking about this modern vacation home, Anti Reality says:

“One of the key design intents was to create a building that would be completely open to the surroundings, providing the possibility to observe and engage in direct contact with nature. The Summer House has been designed with seasonal recreation and weekends outside the city in mind.”

If you want some privacy, the unique house has three structural cores to answer for that. You can configure these cores so the house would have divisions according to your taste.

Holding three essential functions, the cores give you a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. You can open or close each room at will. If you want to open all three entirely, that’s also possible. In fact, it will result in having a freestanding wall all around the place. Indeed, the Summer House flexible enough to cater to any vacationist.

Meanwhile, the luxurious anti reality rooftop pool is—of course—upstairs. You can access this unique pool using an exterior ladder. If you to change the pool’s water level, you can. That’s because of the installed siphonic drainage system.

With fantastic ingenuity, the outlets for the roof were placed above each structural core. Thus, the whole design allows for the downpipes to go through the Summer House’s interior as it goes towards an inspection chamber.

Now that you know what this unique house boasts of, it’s time to actually experience how it’s like to live there for a time.

The Summer House By Anti Reality has an inverted roof that functions as the anti reality rooftop pool.

anti reality rooftop pool retreat

Sitting on a cliff by the coast, the vacation home boasts of a walkway and panoramic windows, making you feel both at home and embracing the nature outside.

summer house by anti reality


anti reality rooftop pool

The secret to the Summer Home’s customizability lies beneath the three indoor structural cores. You can move these cores to adjust the interior’s privacy.

interior of the anti reality summer house


anti reality summer house

Source: Anti Reality