14 Hilarious Art History Tweets That Will Leave You In Stitches – Part 1

Classical art can be extremely interesting. Open to interpretation, many art enthusiasts will convey numerous serious messages and meanings in different pieces. However, you may have seen a few examples floating around the internet where people create modern interpretations of old school art. Well, here we present an awesome Twitter account that has mastered the humor of analyzing and summing up such art pieces. Take a look and prepare to have a good laugh!
Website: Twitter

What is even going on in this art piece?!

One of the most common lies ever spoken…

Not a fun feeling, at all!

Damn you, Bartholomew!

One of the best feelings ever!

How it feels when everything gets on top of you…

Giving Kermit a run for his money!

Satan and Santa do have very similar names. Easily done!

The struggle is real.

How you think you look when you don’t contour…

Tinder – a place full of liars!

These people look like they have the moves nailed!

When you’re dedicated to impressing a girl…

The great mystery…


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