Embroidery Tattoos Are a Thing and They Actually Look Really Good

Embroidery and tattoos are two different forms of art. So it seems unlikely to put these two forms together as one. But then, nothing is impossible in the mind of creative people. Since both require the use of needles, there’s actually a way to combine them. You heard it right, embroidery tattoos really exist and they are popping up all over the internet right now. So, what is this craze all about?

Cross-stitch embroidery tattoos really sound scary. Are they going to embroider or stitch fabrics on the skin? The idea itself is cringe-worthy and unimaginable. But that’s the beauty of it. The process doesn’t involve sewing threads on the skin. It still follows the same procedure like that in traditional tattooing. However, embroidery tattoos incorporate intricate needle marks and shading to resemble real fabrics on the skin. You’ll surely become a head-turner if you flaunt these mind-blowing tattoos. People will certainly have a closer look to see if those are real cross-stitches on your skin.

Take a look at these examples. No matter how your eyes want to trick you, these tattoos are inked (not yarned). The amazing talent of these tattoo artists makes the results look like fabrics are actually stitched into the skin. But it’s actually not, it’s just ink. If you’re planning to have these tattoos too, you can get some inspiration from these stunning examples.

Cross-Stitch Tattoos