‘LEGO FORMA’ the New Stress-Relieving Sets to Help Adults Relax


Introducing the new LEGO FORMA specifically designed for adults to enjoy. LEGO the building block company has been a huge part of our childhood and has always been an all-time favorite. Regardless of age, anyone can enhance their creativity and building skills with these interlocking plastic blocks. However, grown-ups may find this hobby too easy and most of them might deem LEGO as child’s play.

It’s true that most of us were delighted with LEGO at some point in our lives. But we tend to look for a more challenging pastime as we grow up. Now, LEGO has something to say to that. The company introduces a new LEGO experience to reignite the creative side of adults. LEGO FORMA is designed with adults in mind, featuring unique mechanical models to engage your creativity.

LEGO FORMA comes in a set of 294 elements featuring colored rods and connectors. All you have to do it assemble these parts together to form a three-dimensional fish skeleton. Despite the numerous elements, assembly is quite simple and fun to do. After assembling the frame, you can watch the model move by turning a crank. A clever gear system generates life-like movements that simulate a swimming fish. Seeing the model mechanically move after assembly can give a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment. This activity can be an effective stress reliever as it gives you fulfillment as you watch your creation come to life.

Building the LEGO FORMA Sets





lego pieces


putting together moving lego


lego forma moving

But it doesn’t end there. Although the set comes with a pre-designed skin of your choice (Koi, Shark, and Splash Koi), it is also customizable. This means that you can modify the designs to allow personal expressions. Moreover, you can decorate your own skin with the Ink Koi skin. Each skin comes with 28 pin pieces. Its standing form can also make your creation an eye-catching decoration that you can easily place anywhere in the room. So, if you think LEGO is just for kids, think again. LEGO FORMA is here to bring back your creative nature.

LEGO Koi, Shark, Ink Koi, Splash Koi

lego splash koi ink koi shark koi


lego koi moving