Starbucks Has An IT-Inspired Frappuccino For Those Spooky Halloween Sips

Starbucks always has a cool offering that goes with the season, that’s a well-known fact. So, expect the giant coffeehouse company to be dropping another spine-chilling beverage for Halloween. But we actually don’t have to wait for their official Halloween offering because we can get the spookiest refreshment all year round with the Starbucks ‘It’ Frappuccino.

The ‘It’ Frappuccino is actually a secret menu item. So, this means it is not an official beverage and you can’t find it listed on the Starbucks menu. The drink first came out in 2017 just before the release of the It Chapter One movie. Fans of the supernatural horror film took it upon themselves to concoct a secret menu item in honor of Pennywise. Inspired by the creepy character’s cracked white face and wafts of red hair, the white-and-red iced drink captured the same spookiness of the ancient cosmic evil.


Starbucks ‘It’ Frappuccino

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I got to make a couple #itfrappuccino today at my #starbucks!!! Pictured first is my last attempt with a much better depiction of #Pennywise than my first attempt (pictured last). I loooove drawing him so I had to add him for the full effect!!! **PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS AS THE IT FRAPPUCCINO, your barista will likely NOT know what that is. Order a Vanilla bean frappuccino with strawberry purée on top! Oh, and PLEASE TIP YOUR #BARISTAS!!!!! @itmovieofficial @andy_muschietti @barbaramus Thank you for such an amazing movie experience these past few years!!! I’m so happy I can incorporate Pennywise into my everyday life ????? ETA//: If you see this featured anywhere please comment or DM me, I would love to see it!!! I also set up a ko-fi in my profile. If you enjoyed this and would like to see more cup art, art in general, or fun drinks, please consider supporting me there! #itfrapporchards

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So, how do you get this irresistibly horrifying secret menu drink? Just order a vanilla bean Frappuccino and ask for strawberry puree on top. Then watch as the red-colored puree drips down to the sides and bottom that reminds you of the nightmarish clown. The ‘It’ Frappuccino made a resurgence last year due to the release of the It Chapter Two film.



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IT frapp ? #itfrappuccino #starbucks

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Fans are asking if there would be a Chapter Three. Unfortunately, there’s been no talk of a third movie happening. But at least we always have the ‘It’ Frappuccino to give us the chills anytime we feel like it. And who knows, the coffeehouse chain might consider putting it on the official menu. Besides, vanilla bean and strawberry combo sounds mouthwatering and we honestly think it deserves a spot on the menu. We don’t know about you but we really want to try this?





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IT Frappuccino @starbuckscanada ? ‘ ‘ Taste like strawberry Frappuccino but sweeter ? ‘ ‘ The IT Frappuccino isn’t officially on Starbucks Canada menu so you need a recipe to order this ! I got mine from fb group Starbucks Secret Drinks Order: -vanilla bean frap (any size) -line the cup with strawberry purée and on top of the whipped cream -I added strawberry clusion (dried strawberry) but this wasn’t in recipe ‘ ‘ ( IT Frappuccino grande: $6.77 ) ‘ ‘ ‘ #starbucks #starbuckscanada #starbuckssecretmenu #itfrappuccino #roadofflavours #yycfood #yyceats #yycfoodies #calgaryeats #calgaryfood #localyyc #yycrestaurants #dishedyyc #topdishyyc #grubbedyyc #yyclife #curiositycalgary #tasteyyc #urbacalgary #calgaryfoodies #yycfoodie #yycliving #calgaryblogger #narcitycalgary #yyceatscalgary #yycbuzz

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