The New Mountain Dew Atomic Blue Flavor Is Now Available In Soda Machines

When it comes to variation, at least we can all agree that Mountain Dew is in a league of its own from other soda brands. The popular soft drink brand has probably offered all the flavors imaginable and used all the colors in the color wheel. Despite this, we still can’t help but get excited for the new Mountain Dew Atomic Blue Flavor.

Back in February this year, PepsiCo introduced a new blue-colored soda listed under its Fountain Drinks category. Every item under this category is exclusively available at participating stores as a fountain drink. PepsiCo describes the Atomic Blue Flavor as a MTN Dew with electrifying lemonade flavor. Since the new soda features an azure color, we’re presuming that it’s a blue lemonade soda. But we’ll need to try this to find out.


Mountain Dew Atomic Blue Flavor

mountain dew atomic blue flavor

Well, it appears that the new Atomic Blue Flavor has officially rolled out. And that leads us to the big question: where can we get it? Reddit user u/trugay found a sign saying that the new flavor is already available at Sheetz stores in their fizz machines. Unfortunately, the Sheetz location with the sign didn’t have the flavor at that moment. So they were unable to try it. Instagram user @i_becktech, on the other hand, actually got the blue-colored soda from the fountain drink machine at Kum & Go.

mountain dew atomic blue flavor sheetz sign

It seems like Sheetz and Kum & Go are the only stores where we can get this new MTN Dew flavor. But we’re hoping that PepsiCo may consider bottling this up and rolling it out to stores to make it more accessible for everyone. Oh, we forgot to mention that the Atomic Blue Flavor only has 90 calories per 12 fl oz serving. That’s almost half the calorie amount of a regular MTN Dew. Refreshingly electrifying soda with less calories, sounds like our new favorite summer drink.