The New Cotton Candy Grape Juice Might Be My Go-To-Drink From Now On

If you haven’t tried or even heard about cotton candy grapes then you’re really missing out. But the good news is that you can now try it in a drink form with this new cotton candy grape juice. This new variety of grapes has a distinctive sweet flavor which can be compared to cotton candy. It was developed by horticulturist David Cain by hybridizing two different grape species. This resulted in a new grape variety that tastes remarkably like cotton candy. These plump, green grapes feature an initial burst of sweetness followed by a mild, juicy flavor.

While it may sound like a circus snack experiment gone wrong, these fruits are nutritionally just like any other grape. So, this new variety offers the same health benefits that you can get from other varieties of grape. The cotton candy taste is just an added bonus. Since 2011, the cotton candy grapes have been hitting shelves during the summer months. If you missed these seasonal fruits this year, don’t worry because Walmart is here to save you from misery. Great Value, A Walmart in-house brand, releases a cotton candy grape drink that delivers the full flavor of the actual fruit.


Cotton Candy Grape Juice

great value cotton candy grape juice

The new juice is packed with the sweet flavor with no added sugar. Plus, it provides 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C in a single serving. Enjoy it on its own to experience a wholesome and healthy drink. Or you can mix it into cocktails or spritzers to sweeten up your favorite spirits. You can also make popsicles with this sweet fruit juice.

cotton candy grape juice


cotton candy grape juice bottle

The new juice comes in a 64-oz bottle and is exclusively available at Walmart. We’re not sure whether this is limited edition or a permanent offering. But nonetheless, this refreshing beverage allows us to enjoy this sweet, fruity flavor year-round. That is, if you stock up on it now while stocks last.



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