Taco Bell’s New Midnight Berry Freeze Looks Out Of This World

2020 may have been dismal, but you can’t deny that Taco Bell gave us lots of reasons to enjoy our day. Their summer lineup that consisted of the Pineapple Freeze and the Tie-Dye Freeze, for one, kept us cool and refreshed during throughout the sweltering season. But it seems that Taco Bell is going on a more out-of-this-world route next year with their upcoming Midnight Berry Freeze.

The Freeze comes with a palette of blue and deep purple. But even though its colors are slightly darker than usual, the new Freeze will be bursting with bright berry flavors thanks to the berry-licious combination that Taco Bell’s got going on. In its description, the brand wrote:

“The Midnight Berry Freeze was made for moments with friends by your side and no destination in mind. Checking out the cityscape is one thing. If you want an escape that’s truly next level, you’ve got to go Midnight Berry Freeze stargazing. It’s about as out-of-this-world as you can get without actually leaving the planet.”

taco bell midnight blueberry freeze
Taco Bell


The new Taco Bell Freeze is bursting with berry flavors

In addition to that rather whimsical description, Taco Bell also disclosed what flavors we can actually expect from their latest, outer space-inspired Freeze. Apparently, it’s the result of combining the sweet and tart flavors of blue raspberry and blackberry swirl! Your taste buds are definitely in for a rather intergalactic experience with every sip of this cool new Freeze!


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Taco Bell hasn’t made any official announcements about the Midnight Berry flavor on their social media yet. Or when it’s actually going to hit their menu. But they have disclosed that they will only be available for a limited time in participating locations once they arrive. When they do, the space-y, berry-flavored Freeze will be available in a regular size for $2.59 or you can upsize it for just $2.79 (that’s just $0.20 more). Clearly, the choice size is already obvious. We’re definitely looking forward to ring in the new year with this out-of-this-world Freeze!