Pet Butler Serving Vest For Animals

Impress yours guests at your next party by getting your pets to serve snacks and drinks. This Pet Butler Serving Vest is specifically designed for animals, allowing them to carry around almost any serving vessel with a flat bottom on their back. Now, common sense will tell you that the back of an animal isn’t the most stable surface to keep anything in place, let alone a bowl a or tray full of nibbles.

Erase all your doubts away because the Pet Butler Serving Vest uses a special technology to make the impossible happen. The vest includes a simple magnet system called MagnaDisc which is to be placed on top. The round magnet holds any container with a flat bottom in place. Bowl, platter, ashtray, food tray, trash bin – you name it! This serving vest can handle anything. Simply peel off the back lining of the magnetic disc and stick it onto the pink vest. Place any serving vessel on the disc and let your furry companion serve your guests.


Pet Butler

pet butler serving vest for animals

The Pet Butler Serving Vest comes in 3 different sizes to fit small, medium, and large animals. The small size perfectly fits hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils. This size is ideal for hauling around tiny containers to serve toothpicks or a stack of disposable cups. The medium size is perfect for cats, rabbits, and small dogs such as chihuahuas, poodles, terriers, and pugs. For larger dogs such as greyhounds, Labradors, mastiffs, retrievers, and shepherds, the large size should fit them perfectly. In addition to the magnetic disc, the serving vest also has extra pockets on the sides to contain bottled drinks, cups, or canned beverages.

pet butler serving vest prank box


pet butler serving vest prank gift box

But of course, most pet owners would bicker at the idea of turning their beloved pets to servants. And is it really possible for your pet to keep still when they’re carrying some yummy treats on their back? We’ll spare you the pondering and reveal it right now that the Pet Butler Serving Vest is a non-existent product. This is just an empty box depicting a ridiculous product that does not exist, designed to be used as a practical joke. Of course, your recipient doesn’t know that the product presented on the box is a fake. How would they react when they unwrap the gift and see the box? That’s something to look forward to.


Slip The Real Gift Inside The Box

prank gift box serving vest for animals

This prank gift box features high definition photography, well-constructed typography, and top-notch layout to convince the recipient that the product is legit. Then wait until they open the box and discover the real gift inside. Don’t forget to capture that marvelous moment once they figure out that the Pet Butler Serving Vest isn’t a real thing. One happy buyer wrote:

“Bought this as a gag for my work’s white elephant gift exchange. The person who got it totally believed it was a real product and didn’t bother to open to find the gift card inside. Even more disturbingly, another co-worker stole this from him and was quite disappointed to discover that this wasn’t a real product.”

prank box serving vest for animals


prank gift box serving vest

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