Introducing The ‘Pet Petter’ – For Those Times When You Can’t Be Bothered To Pet Your Pet

Being a pet owner is a privilege but it also comes with responsibilities. One of which is to commit time and attention to them so they don’t feel mistreated and neglected. But let’s be honest, we don’t always have the spare time to give them some nice pats due to our hectic routine. And by ‘hectic routine’ we mean browsing the internet non-stop and checking our phones every five seconds. If you know someone who needs a hand in keeping their favorite animals happy then our newest find is perfect for them.

This automatic Pet Petter is a device designed to pat your dogs or cats for you. With this awesome gadget, you’ll never even have to touch your animal companion ever again. Perfect for those who detest touching filthy pets and only want their companionship. This convenient machine will do the ‘dirty’ job for you. It features a mobile arm with a soft sponge-like tip that can give your furry buddy up to 85 pats per minute. The arm rapidly moves up-and-down or sideways to give them the sensation of being stroked by a human hand.


Pet Petter

pet petter

This is a rechargeable device making it suitable for travels and trips. It features 4 pre-set speed settings depending on your pet’s hair length: long, medium, short, and hairless. Plus, the sponge pad has de-flea capability to help get rid of those pesky bugs infesting your dog or kitty. The movable arm is supported by a sturdy water-resistant housing with a tip-resistant weighted base. In addition to the 6 de-flea pads included, you can also opt to buy other attachments including a double brush, wiggle pad, lint roller, and a loofah. So, you can choose the most appropriate attachments for specific purposes.

pet petter prank gift box

That’s not all. The Pet Petter has an expandable arm that can extend up to 54 inches high. So, you can just fully extend the arm to pat larger animals such as horses, cows, or baby elephants. What’s more, it also comes with a bumper sticker to express how you love your animal friend but just won’t touch them. Now, you may be thinking – what’s the point of having a pet if you don’t want to pet them? Exactly! The person you’ll be giving this product to will be thinking the same thing and that’s exactly what you’re after. Besides, this ridiculous product isn’t real.

pet petter prank box details


prank gift box automatic patting machine

This is only a prank gift box with highly realistic graphics and product descriptions intended to trick the recipient into thinking that the item is real. Pack the real gift inside the box and watch their funny reactions as they read what’s on the box and pass it around with utter confusion. Sit back and wait until they open the box to realize that they’ve been pranked. This is definitely the most hilarious way to infuriate and prank pet owners or animal lovers. One happy buyer wrote:

“I gave this to my son. He didn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to pet their pets and wanted to burn it. Luckily for me, I convinced him to just open it so we could ‘try it out’ and of course the real gift was inside. We had a good laugh.”

automatic patting machine prank gift box


automatic patting machine prank box


pet petter gift box prank

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