People Are Sharing Photos Of Tibetan Mastiffs Proving They Really Are Gentle Giants

Impressive and noble, Tibetan Mastiffs are sometimes called ‘gentle giants’ due to their massive yet kind appearance. If you think giants can’t be cute then let these adorable fluffy canines prove you wrong. With their and beautiful long coats these powerful dogs are sure to turn heads as you walk them down the street. Furthermore, their broad head, V-shaped ears and expressive brown eyes make them one of the most majestic breeds of dog.

The breed was developed in Tibet centuries ago. Before domestication, these dogs were originally used as guard dogs. They protected livestock from wolves, bears, tigers and leopards. Although some of these dogs are still serving as guard dogs, they are now family companions to. Due to their remarkable size, the breed is not recommended for novice dog owners. This is because they would require special care, frequent grooming and daily moderate exercise.

Huge Yet Sweet, These Mastiffs Make Adorable Pets


As pets, these dogs are calm and mellow around the house. Working closely with humans for centuries, they are loving pets and sweetly devoted to their family. But as natural guard dogs, they can also turn aloof and aggressive towards strangers. They are hard workers, fearless and loyal. So, they are reliable guardians and protectors of the family.

If you’re wondering how huge these gentle giants are, males can grow up to 26 inches while females grow at least 24 inches. Moreover, males can weigh over 150 pounds while females can reach 120 pounds. Well, pictures speak louder than words. So, let these photos show you how enormous these dogs really are. Based from these photos, we discover that these furry dogs are not just ridiculously large but adorable as well. And if you’re planning to get one as a companion, expect to have an interesting adventure in the company of this loyal dog.

Family of Mastiffs


“My Favourite Tiny Human And Fur Baby”


Look At Them, So Adorable


“Mumma Lets Me Ride Front Seat”


“This Is What Dreams Are Made Of”


Little Mastiff Pup



Say Cheese


“Walked Well And Received Compliments”


Shedding Season


“Just Me And My Fantastic Dogs”




“My First Snow Face Plant Of The Season”


Beautiful Dog


“All My Puppies Are Going On 11 Months Old, Hitting Another Growth Spurt. Here’s Dorje With His Fully Grown Tervuren Sister”


“My Friend Doesn’t Know How To Share”



Perfect Sleeping Position




“I’m Greeting This Week With A Smile”


Whatcha Lookin’ At?


“Car Full Of Love And Big Boys”




Dancing Dog



“Mastiff And Me”