McDonald’s New Chick ‘N’ Cheese Is A Duo-Patty Burger With Mozzarella And Crispy Chicken

So, you love McDonald’s chicken sandwich? How about taking your tastebuds to the next level with the new Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger? What’s so special about this new mouthwatering offering? It’s basically the fan-favorite McChicken with two layers of cheesy goodness. One of which is the usual slice of melted cheddar cheese while the other one is (drumroll please)… a gooey fried mozzarella.

The new Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger features crispy chicken patty, a slice of cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, sweet tomato chili jam, and a stretchy mozzarella patty accented right in the middle. All of these yummy combo sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. The gooey consistency of the fried mozzarella patty is sure to add cheesier flavor while giving a new sensational texture to this fan-favorite sandwich. The crispiness of the chicken patty, the creaminess of cheddar cheese, the crunchiness of lettuce, and the gooeyness of mozzarella. You’ll get all of these in every bite.


McDonald’s Chick ‘N’ Cheese

mcdonalds chick n cheese burger
McDonald’s Singapore

That’s not all. The new McDonald’s Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger also comes with two equally interesting sides: Ha! Chicken Drumlets and Pizza McShaker Fries. The 2-pc Ha! Chicken Drumlets is leveled up with crispy prawn paste coating and a touch of caramelized mild chicken flavor. And the Pizza McShaker Fries takes ‘shaking’ up a notch with its new mix of oregano, basil, vegetable, and tomato powder.

mcdonalds singapore chick n cheese burger
McDonald’s Singapore

If you still want to level up, you can opt for the Happy Sharing Box D that includes the Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger along with 6 pieces of Chicken McNuggets and 4 pieces of Ha! Chicken Drumlets. Unfortunately, this delectable offering is exclusively available at McDonald’s Singapore locations for a limited time. The addition of mozzarella to our favorite sandwich is indeed appealing. Singaporeans are truly lucky. And we could only wish that McDonald’s in the U.S. could be a little more creative as well.



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Source: McDonald’s Singapore