10 Of The Creepiest Alien Abduction Stories Ever

Do aliens and UFO’s exist? There are quite a number of us who believe so, and a few of us who claim to have come face to face with creatures from out of space. A small minority of humans living on this earth today even claim to have been taken away from earth on spaceships! Whether you believe in the ‘greys’ or the ‘little green men’ from outer space or not, alien abduction stories and UFO encounters are truly fascinating. Here are ten of the best we could find, to totally creep you out! Read on!

Roswell UFO Incident

One of the most enduring of all UFO myths happened in Roswell, back in 1947, when William Brazel came across what he described as ‘a large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper, and sticks’. An FBI investigation concluded the wreckage was from a weather balloon, but it was later revealed that it was probably a nuclear test monitor. The secrecy of the government on this issue left people skeptical to this day.

Pascagoula Abduction

Charles Hickson and Calvin Palmer were fishing, near Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1973, when the pair claim to have heard a whizzing sound. Next, they spotted a vague oval shape in the sky with two blue flashing lights. Beings apparently came out of the ship, each 5 foot tall, with bullet-shaped heads. They had no eyes, grey wrinkled skin and claw-like hands. The two men became famous after the alleged incident, appearing on news programs and talk shows. They even wrote a book about their experiences.

The Robert Taylor Incident

Forestry worker, Robert Taylor said he spotted a spacecraft in the skies at West Lothian, Scotland in 1979. After spotting the UFO, he returned home with torn clothes and scratches all over his chin and thighs. He claimed the flying dome was large, dark and metallic.

The Linda Cortile Case

In November, 1989, a housewife named Linda was allegedly drawn out of her bed, in New York, and beamed up to a space craft covered in bright lights. The incident happened at about 3am, however, there were 2 witnesses to it, the woman’s bodyguards. Other, unrelated witnesses also claim to have seen the event, some even thinking it was a movie being filmed. This one has remained a great mystery. 

Whitley Strieber Abduction

Whitley Strieber was already a well known author on aliens and UFO’s when he experienced his first alleged ‘contact’, in 1985. Sleeping in his isolated cabin in New York State, he was awoken by his alarm. He rushed outside to check what was going on only to find a creepy, motionless creature standing before him. He then claims to have been taken to a mysterious ship where the creatures began ‘experimenting’ on him. Strieber recalls long needles being stabbed directly into his brain. Strieber has never been the same man since that night. Creepy!

The Real ‘Men in Black’

Did you know that the popular ‘Men In Black’ movies were actually based on, allegedly, true stories? In 1967, a guy called Robert Richardson was driving at night time, in Tuledo, Ohio, when he hit a strange metallic object which then vanished. He stopped his vehicle and was stunned to find a small piece of metal that he figured came from the object he hit. He took it home but then a few days later, claimed that two men wearing black hats and sunglasses came to his house and threatened him until he gave up the object. Strange!

Sergeant Charles L. Moody Abduction

Air Force Sergeant, Charles L. Moody was checking out a meteor shower, in New Mexico, when at around 1.15am he saw a glowing, metallic saucer-like object lowering to the ground. Moody claims it began wobbling unnaturally before making its way towards him. Scared, he tried to start his car but the engine wouldn’t start. He claims his body then went numb, and that the ship began emitting a loud high pitched sound. The mysterious craft got so close he could make out ghoulish, tall figures inside, staring at him. The alien trance ended as suddenly as it had began, and Moody found himself driving home. It was around 3am. Over the next few days, he developed a rash that spread all over his body. Weird!

Ronny Dawson Escape

Ronny Dawson is employed as a crude oil transport driver in Texas. One night, he was inspecting some oil from inside a large tank battery, when he spotted a strange aircraft flying over him. Scared, he kept his wits and climbed down from the tank and began filming. In the sky, he claims he saw pulsating orbs that rapidly changed altitude and shape. Ever since then, Ronny claims to have continued seeing the lights… as though someone, or something, is watching him.

Khoury Abductions

One night in February 1988, a guy called Peter, and his wife, spotted strange lights in the sky. The lights would come and then disappear. Later, in July, Peter began experiencing flashbacks of events he thought never happened. He began to recall being grabbed from his bed by his ankles. The next memory was of a group of robed creatures gathered around his bed, telling him not to worry as it would be the same as last time. The last memory was of a large needle being aimed at his head. Creepy!

The Hill Abduction

In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill claimed to have been kidnapped by aliens. They were driving home to their place in rural Portsmouth, New Hampshire, when just before arriving home, Betty noticed some strange lights in the sky. It was a bright point that moved erratically, and silently. Suddenly, a craft began descending rapidly in their direction… it came so close Barney claimed he could make out humanoid figures in the cockpit. The next thing they knew the couple had traveled 35 miles down the road and had hazy memories of what had just happened. How strange!

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