Unbelievable People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed On An Airplane

Traveling is tough at the best of times. At least, the part where you have to sit on an airplane for hours and hours is. Those long haul flights sure do suck! Especially when you’re sitting next to someone who doesn’t know or care about the common courtesies that generally come with traveling on an airplane, just like the 14 unbelievable people below. They seem to have no idea, and from the sidelines, it’s hilarious! Check it out!  

We’re not too sure what’s happening here, but we don’t really want to know.

The seat pocket is not a great place for a stinky dirty diaper! Well done!

Really? You had to pee in a bottle?

Using the window as a place to dry socks, brilliant!

Yes, that’s a pair of women’s underwear.

This is just wrong on so many levels!

Messy travelers!

Put your feet up, mate.

Finding a weave in the seat next to you. Charming!

That is a hairy seat cover!

Nice view!

We hope they put another pair of pants on…