30 Times People Were Stunned By How Much Of A Jerk Other People Can Be

We’ve featured a lot of inspiring stories about kind-hearted people doing good deeds to save the environment and animals. It’s encouraging to know that there are good people who put the welfare of others before themselves. These compassionate people certainly keep our faith in humanity restored. But then again, we encounter some not-so-good individuals that can shatter our faith in humanity once again. And just as altruistic people deserve recognition for their good deeds, there’s also a need to expose the unmannerly exploits of selfish people. This is not to applaud them of their wrongdoings but to reveal how awful they are as human beings. Now it’s their time to have the spotlight as we feature the instances where people had an encounter with people being jerks.

Dealing with ill-mannered and rude people can be infuriating. Everyone has their own selfish side but some people are just downright selfish beyond words. Of course, it’s only fair to put ourselves before anyone else, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if your selfishness goes to the extent that it negatively affects other people, then that is totally wrong. Sadly, there are people being jerks who disregard the sake of other people around them. As long as they can satisfy their needs, they don’t care about the welfare of others. These thoughtless people may think they are entitled to do whatever they want and they’re above anyone else. But public opinion can be unforgiving.

In this modern age, every little thing you do can be captured and uploaded online. When you do something good, someone will take photos of your deed and people will commend you for it. It’s the same when you do something outrageously bad. Only in this case, you won’t be getting any praise. But rather, you’ll be roasted and bad-mouthed by the public for your shameful behavior. Just take a look at these examples. These people being jerks may think they’ve gotten away with their impudent actions. But the world is definitely watching and they’re not getting off the hook that easily. Luckily, some people were able to capture photos of their encounter with jerks and shared them online. Let us warn you beforehand that their level of rudeness and selfishness can make your blood boil in fury. So, if you’re ready then check them out below.

“Even Though I Don’t Work Here, The Parents With Their Children In The Photo Made A Mess In The Toy Aisle At A Store. I Feel Sorry For Whoever Would Have To Clean That Up”

“Our Dorm Building Only Has One Facilities Person To Clean, She Works So Hard Yet The People On My Floor Are Still Disgusting. I Can’t Blame Her For Leaving This Note”

“This Lady Kneeling On Bread While She Looks At Other Bread”

“If You Or Your Kids Think That It’s A Good Idea To Leave The Cinema Like This, Damn You”

“He/She Saw Nothing Wrong With Parking There”


“Letting Your Kid Watch A Movie On Full Volume In A Restaurant”

“This Lady Resting On The Apples At Walmart”

“Woman Stomped All Over The Plants In This Conservatory For Instagram Shots Despite Staff Repeatedly Asking Her To Stop”

“This Person Throwing Pistachio Shells On The Floor Of An Airplane”

This Mother…

“Looks Like Some People Had A Celebration And Left All These Plastic Petals Behind, Which Were Being Blown Into The River. It Took Me A Half Hour To Clean The Damn Mess”

“This Woman Licked The Top Of A Blue Bell Tub Of Ice Cream, Put The Lid Back On And Placed It Back In The Store’s Freezer”

“My Neighborhood Has A Soccer Field And A Baseball Field, Which We Pay To Maintain For The Kids. Some ******* Decided It Would Be Fun To Do Donuts With His Truck, And Destroy The Entire Field For Everyone”

“Using The Only Fan In A Crowded, Warm Waiting Room To Cool Off Your Hot Box”

“There Was A Trash Can Literally Four Feet Away”

“I Pay $125 A Month To Park In My Parking Spot. I’m 111B. This ******* Is My Neighbor”

“Throwing The Community Electric Scooters Into The Water”

“These Girls Taking Up 2 Seats Each While Other People Have To Stand”

“Man Tosses His Food Garbage In The Aisle Of A Plane When He’s Finished Eating”

“People Hoping To Skip Queues By Standing Like This And Trying To Slip In”

“This Grown Man Throwing His Candy Wrappers For Me To Sweep Up During Work”

“Another Arrow To The House From A Neighbor”

These Kind of People

“Parents Who Raise Their Kids Saying It’s Okay To Leave A Library Like This”

“This Lady Has Been On The Phone Since She Sat Down, While Her Kid Is Running Around Doing This To The Salt Shakers”

“I Sat Through 2 Sets Of Green Lights Like This”

“Plastic Confetti Left Behind By A Gender Reveal Party In A Public Park”

“Imagine Going To A Baseball Game And Having Feet Beside Your Face”

3 People, 12 Seats