45 Times Bad Customers Got Shamed Online For Acting Like Total Jerks

Most stores are trying to adhere to their customer service policy where ‘the customer is always right’. However, there are really bad customers that will make you doubt this ideal. Oftentimes, this oft-quoted catchphrase in the business world gives bad customers the right to become jerks. That is, at the expense of the staff or even the reputation of the store itself. Customers are NOT always right. When it comes to disputes, the side of the sales person should also be considered. There are always two sides to every story and the store staff should also be given the same opportunity to explain themselves.

Businesses can’t choose which customers to serve but they also have the right to refuse service to bad customers. Some stores would even go so far as to expose their client’s jerkiness online. This is not only to shame their bad customers but to warn other stores of these misbehaving people. And if you ever encounter some rude customers in the future, you know just what to do. Learn from these stores and show everyone that bad customers have no place in your store. These photos below show some instances where customers acted like jerks. Of course, these stores won’t let that slide so easily. Warning: you’ll get angry and you’ll certainly feel disgusted with these ill-mannered customers. We sure hope you don’t get to come across these people anytime soon.

“Local Pet Supply Store Gets Real”

“Time To Find Better Customers”

“This Woman Who Stole The Shop Cat From A Local Flower Shop”

“A Wall Of Notoriety At My Favorite Gas Station, There’s About 35 Of These Covering The Front Of The Store”

“Customers Assaulted Me With Drinks And Food. My Back Is Bruised By How Hard A Grown Man Threw His Drinks At Me. Can I Press Charges?”

The Shade

Lying Customer

“Cafe Provides Boardgames Free Of Charge To Customers; Customers Destroy It In Less Than A Week”

“I Never Walk Out If This Store Without A Story”

“A Customer Wanted To Return Some Produce Because “It Was Too Ripe.” I Asked Him If He Had Already Tried Eating It Anyway And He Said “Does It Look Like I Touched It?””

“This Coffee Shop Closed Itself Due To Repeated Abuse From Vegan Extremists”

“Wandering Through The Store, When Suddenly I Smell Piss. Stay Trashy Salt Lake”

“I May Have Chuckled When I Saw This At The Grocery Store, But Still Trashy. This Would Be About $2”

“Store Clerks Had To Lock The Freezers After The Recent Trashy Trend Of People Going Around Stores, Opening Containers And Licking The Top Of The Ice Cream Before Putting It Back”

“Girl Wants Some Company To Go Steal From The Dollar Store”

“When Parents Let Their Kids Destroy The Thrift Store”

“Ripping Off The “Bad” Lettuce From Each Head Until She Finds One With Enough Left Over To Keep”

Just Chillin At The Coffee Shop

“People Testing Spray Paint At Ollies”

“How People Leave The Aisle In Forever 21…”

“Customer Throwing Cup He Peed In At Me Because I Didn’t Let Him Use Our Employees Only Bathroom”

Customer Being Jerk

bad customers negative tip

“Spotted Some Opened Up, Upside Down Nail Polish Bottles At Our Local Target”

“This Is How A Table Left The Tip For One Of My Servers”

“People Keep Stealing Little Buddha Figurines From This Store At My Local Mall”

“Someone Put Out Their Cigarette In A Dog Dish Outside This Local Shop”

“Nothing Screams Parenting Win Like Letting Your Kid Stand On The Bar And Play With The Taps For A Half Hour”

“Decided They Didn’t Want Their Bag Of Frozen Chicken Breasts So Why Not Leave Them Here To Drip Over Everything Below It”

“Bringing Your Kid With You To An Adult Toy Shop”

“Happened To A Co-Worker Today. If You Can’t Afford Diapers Why Are You Out Drinking?”

“Sitting On Raw Chicken While Chatting With A Comcast Rep At Walmart”

“She Was Blocking The Handicapped Space At The Convenience Store With Her Toddler’s Stroller Drinking Mountain Dew And Crushing Her Cut-Rate Cigarettes Out On The Sidewalk And Throwing Them Into The Parking Lot”

“Customer Leaves This Note Instead Of Tip”

“What My Coworker Was Given Tonight”

“When You Steal A Bra From The Store, But Replace It With Your Old One”

“Please Stop Being A Thot In The Gas Station Ice Machine”

“A Customer Tried It On Their Dog And Put It Back On The Shelf”

“Someone Just Made This Mess, Dropped A Few Napkins On It, And Left The Store”

“Customer Leaves Dirty Diaper On Restaurant Table For Waitress To Clean”

“What Is It In Your Cleavage… At The Grocery Store?”

Trashy Customers

“Walmart Shoppers Using Handicapped Spaces As A Cart Drop-Off”

“The Letters A,W,S And D On Your Gaming Keyboard Are All Worn Out Or You Hit The Keys Too Hard? Just Go To The Next Store And Steal Yourself Some Key Caps”

“This Customer’s Car Smelled Exactly Like You Would Imagine”

“A Customer (21 Yr Old F) And Her Boyfriend Thought It Would Be Funny If They Left Me A Drawing Of A Dick Instead Of A Tip”