30 People Share The Times They Spotted Unreasonable Jerks During The Current Crisis

People being jerks are everywhere and you may encounter one of them anytime of the day, if you’re unlucky. However, it is during the most critical times that the number of opportunist, selfish people increases by double. This is exactly the case we’re having now. There are people hoarding essential supplies such as toilet papers, disinfectants, medical kits, bottled water, face masks, and flu medicines. But they’re not stockpiling for themselves. Rather, they intend to resell these high-demand items at exorbitant prices. Doing so allows them to rake in huge cash and take advantage of the opportunity.

Sad but true, there are selfish jerks who would prioritize filling their pockets first before the welfare of other people. As we all know it, bulk buying of essential items would also leave those in need with nothing. People suffering from seasonal flu may not be able to avail appropriate medicines because some healthy person already bought them all. Elderly people, who are most susceptible to coronavirus, may not be able to protect themselves anymore because disinfectants and facial masks are already sold out. To put it simply, nothing good comes out of hoarding. If anything, it just makes the situation worse.


People Being Jerks Spotted And Shamed Online

During this pandemic crisis, jerks are not only limited to hoarders. There are also those abusive bosses who would risk putting their employees’ health in jeopardy in order not to disrupt their business. Not to mention those entitled people who think they are better than the government. While most citizens understand the importance of social distancing and community quarantine, there are still those who refuse the follow the rules. Instead, they would flaunt how they violated the rules on social media.

It’s almost impossible to fathom how some people can still be jerks despite this crucial time. But this only shows that the contagious virus isn’t the only adversary that we have to defeat. There are much deadlier viruses in the form of humans that we also need to deal with. Lucky for them, their wrongdoings didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, they are notoriously famous right now as photos of them are now spreading over the internet. These people of a jerk may think they’ve won but social media is here to expose and shame them. Don’t be like these self-centered people. But rather, let us take this opportunity to help each other and pray that we can all survive this ordeal.


“This Man Drove 1,000+ Miles And Bought 17,000 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer And Wipes, But Now He Can’t Find Buyers. Boo-Hoo”

And… Reverse!


“The Old Man & His Wife In My Building Rarely Leave Their Apt. They Was Very Pleased”


“Just…. Man, [screw] Her. I’ll Never Understand Why People Are Such Assh*les”


“The More You Take, The Less There Is For Everyone Else”


Which One Are You?




“Whoever You Are, [Screw] You!”


“Australia Right Now. Corona Virus Panic Has Already Hit”


“Another Profiteer Clearing Out Thermometers At Costco. Spent His Time In The Line Up Bragging How Much Money He Would Make Marking Up The Sale Of These”


“My Kid Has A Non-Coronavirus Related Fever. But Panic Shopping Has Made It Hard To Find Medicine”


“[Screw] This Person, Too”


“I Don’t Fear The Virus, I Fear A Run On Supplies”


“Seattle Has Chosen Its Food Of Choice For Corona Catastrophe 2020”


“This Person Is Buying Three Pallets Of Disinfectant Wipes. Don’t Be This Person. [Screw] This Person”


“Assh*le In My County Bought All Of This Toilet Paper And Is Now Trying To Sell It In Various Facebook Groups”


“Other Than Panic Buying Being Incredibly Selfish And Unnecessary, How Does Someone Have The Space To Refrigerate All This Milk?”


“Costco As Soon They Announced School Closing”


“Entitled Woman Goes To Red Robin”


“This Couple In Canada, Reselling Wipes Online For Around $90 Cad Bought From Costco’s”


“People Are Panic-Buying Eggs Now? You Assh*les Know You Can’t Grow Chickens With Those Right?”


“Stay Classy You Opportunistic Assh*led”


“Father And Sister Of St. Louis County Woman With Coronavirus Violated Quarantine By Going To A School Dance”


“This Picture Was Taken At My Local Costco. We’re Doomed Folks”


Jerks Buying All Hand Sanitizers


“Today’s Line As Soon As Costco Opened. People Fighting For Water, Toilet Paper, Rice, And Other Essentials”


“You’re Part Of The Problem!”


Stupidity At Its Best


“Another Example Of Everyone Making Things Worse”