Annoying Pictures That Will Absolutely Make Your Blood Boil

There are situations in life that will certainly test your patience. While we’re at it, why not give these annoying pictures a chance to challenge your cool. Our brain tends to only acknowledge the acceptable. This explains why there are certain things that our minds cannot accept even if they’re screaming right in our faces. But when reality bites, we have no choice but to endure the reality and accept the unacceptable. It’s the infuriating truth but we have to deal with it. Now cool down and take a look at these annoying pics that can drive you mad if you fail to control your temper.

Is this some kind of a trendy two-toned staircase?

Reddit | klaesthetic

When your father’s middle name is one letter away from being accepted.

Reddit | keelymepie

If you find this note underneath the bed sheet, it’s time to consider moving to another hotel.

Reddit | time2fly80

When you’re stuck in the moment because you have no idea where to start.

Reddit | SpacemanSpiff958

Let the pairing game begin! It’s a tough game, right? Imagine doing this on a regular basis. Ask your Mom how frustrating it is.

Reddit | woja111

Something seems out of place here. Is it those nail polish? I don’t know but I feel there’s something more that shouldn’t be here.

Reddit | Greengiant003

What’s the use of peeling off a fruit then putting them in a plastic container? Is it to keep them fresh? How about leaving their natural rinds to cover them instead?

Reddit | MysticOfTime

It’s either that car is a tree-magnet or a bad-luck-magnet.

tree falling on a car annoying pics
Reddit | walkingupstream

The amount of plastic used in the making of this product is insane. The environment is going to loathe this thing.

Reddit | Woody1992

No one wants to be in this tight situation. Unless you can figure out how to get pass through those things before you.

Reddit | quick711


Let me get this straight. The number 10 in English language means different when translated to Spanish. I know it sounds crazy but this is what this instruction is telling me.

Reddit | Jobyn

When you’re too close to capturing an epic moment of reaching the 88888 miles but you messed up in some ways and missed the chance. Look at the bright side, there’s still that 99999 to aim for.

Reddit | karp74

These playing cards are a pain in the eye.  Why did they make it so hard to distinguish the usual symbols?

Reddit | hesaidshutup

It’s impossible to please everybody, you just can’t. Even if they admit they like what you did, they still won’t give you that coveted 5-stars for some silly reasons.

Reddit | objectiveandbiased

This doesn’t make sense. Why do you go up against Taco Tuesday?

Reddit | Xenasty

People are undoubtedly annoying. Sometimes, products are annoying. The weather is often annoying. Our point is, many things in life are, you guessed it, annoying. However, when it’s not happening to us firsthand, witnessing some of these things can be super amusing. Here we have a list of annoying situations. Take a look!

Some magical force always puts a spoon right below the faucet. Water conveniently splashes all over!

Insomaniac10 / Reddit

Someone should teach your kids how to open cereal boxes.

Necromonicus / Reddit

When you’re so mad right now and you’ve got homework to finish…but, not really. That’s just how he normally holds his pencil. It doesn’t even look normal!

GamePlayingPleb / Reddit

The technician is trying to mess with the arrangement of stickers.

LupoSportuso / Reddit

They forgot to print out the entire video…

Awkward_reddit_name / Reddit


Can someone please get this car a proper parking space?

MrReaps / Reddit

A literal screenshot.

soju_b / Reddit

Even mannequins get tired of standing up the whole day.

formthelines / Reddit

His brother didn’t know what cassette tapes are, and he thought this is was an iPhone docking station.

tossoutexpiredcandy / Reddit

Someone forgot to tell them that it was a bad idea to park on ice.

allentertainment2 / Reddit

I’ve never seen a sign so badly made.

ni5n / Reddit

When you have to type out links because people give them to you like this…

xxpired_milk / Reddit


liam_money97 / Reddit

When trucks start taking over the road.

Knorrbert / Reddit

They had one simple job and can’t even do it right.

lavazzalove / Reddit


Who carries pizza like that?!

qwerty-confirmed / Reddit

She clearly didn’t think about other people who wanted to sit down as well.

cheyannemkb / Reddit

A toolbox that requires a screwdriver to open… how can you when the screwdriver is locked inside?


Someone didn’t want this one 80-lb bag of concrete mix and just decided to throw it away…

Reprobasilisk / Reddit

I’m not sure if I should feel angry at the person or if I should feel sad that he’s clueless…

moboa / Reddit

Every morning, his mother takes one bite of a new banana and leaves it on the table in case someone else would want to finish it.

Username_Used / Reddit

Grandma didn’t know why the time on her phone was stuck on the same time.

imrachaelgreep / Reddit

As individuals, we all have our own unique dislikes. Some people will find the strangest of things bother them. However, there are also plenty of things that us humans seem to universally hate. You don’t have to be a perfectionist to find these annoying things infuriating, however, your experience will be far worse if you are one! Take a look below to see our collection of annoying things that occur in our everyday lives, however, be warned that they are sure to get you riled up!

All three of these switches are off, however, they don’t match! Ugh!

Annoying Things 3 lights are off

Don’t you just love it when you rely on technology and it fails you miserably?

Annoying Things alarm clock has stopped

The parents of this adorable boy booked a window seat for his first flight, however, a window he did not get!

Annoying Things booked a window seat


Imagine the disappointment you would experience opening this box…

Annoying Things cake topping stuck to box

Every perfectionist’s worst nightmare…

Annoying Things decking

When your cutlery bathes in your food…

Annoying Things fork in gravy

This glass doesn’t sit centrally on its stem. Imagine figuring this out after a few too many drinks!

Annoying Things glass isn't centered

When your favorite pair of jeans splits…

Annoying Things jeans ripping

The random positioning of these light switches!

Annoying Things light switches placement

When things don’t pair up how they should…

Annoying Things lonely pepper shaker

The chaotic layout of this desktop makes us feel so uncomfortable, however, we wouldn’t want to be responsible for tidying it up!

Annoying Things messy desktop

When your shopping purchases don’t arrive as expected…

Annoying Things needed a blank trophy

This horrible quirk went unnoticed for 5 years!

Annoying Things odd stairs


When your package goes on a crazy route…

Annoying Things package route

If you’ve been having a bad day, at least you can look at the things on this list and take solace from the fact that things could have been worse! It’s undoubtedly frustrating when the things in these photos occur in our daily lives, however, without annoying things, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate all of the other times when things go smoothly and correctly. That’s the way we try to look at it anyway! Keep going to see even more examples of annoying things!

Why do these things never seem to do their jobs properly?

Annoying Things peel open seal

If this happens to you, use a blow dryer and blast the area with hot air!

Annoying Things peeling off labels

When your pencils decide that they hate you…

Annoying Things pencil sharpening

People who selfishly block the window seats! Also, people who block seats with their bags!

Annoying Things people who block window seats

Something is horrendously wrong with these renovated windows, however, we’re curious to find out the back story!

Annoying Things renovated windows

The fact Facebook wants you to use a secondary app to view your messages…

Annoying Things seperate app

Do you think this shirt was purposefully designed to bother people?

Annoying Things shirt circle doesnt match

This guy’s headphone situation has got us feeling stressed!

Annoying Things tangled earphones

The amount of unnecessary packaging for one tablet is infuriating…

Annoying Things the amount of packaging for one pill

How can anyone look at this and not change it?

Annoying Things the way these pictures are hung

You may as well do your business with the door open!

Annoying Things toilet door gaps

Who would’ve thought there would be an art to tearing toilet paper?

Annoying Things toilet paper uneven rip

When the volume controls obscure your view…

Annoying Things volume control in the way

Somehow your order is always last.

Annoying Things your order is not ready to collect