Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs Have Arrived To Help You Get Through Winter

If you ask us, the best way to beat post-Christmas blues is by looking forward to all the exciting events coming our way. We guess even chocolate brands are on the same page as we are. In fact, several brands have already started releasing chocolate eggs for Easter 2020. And topping our list, at least for now, are these Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs.

Sure, Easter is still three months away, but that shouldn’t keep us from enjoying all these delicious Easter treats. That’s unless your new year’s resolution is all about ditching chocolates for good. But, really, who does that? Regardless, keep in mind that chocolate consumption should be done in moderation.






Various Instagrammers have already spotted the new treat sitting on the shelves of Tesco. Each pack contains 80 grams and retails for just £1. As seen on the packaging, these mini chocolate eggs come in a crispy, bright orange shell. Plus, the milk chocolate inside also has a nice orangey flavor to it.










Based on the reviews on Instagram, everyone seems to be loving these orange-flavored chocolate eggs. However, one user found a particularly disappointing downside, and that’s having just “enough eggs in the bag.” Well, we couldn’t agree more. With chocolates this good, we’re pretty sure that an entire bag wouldn’t last for more than a minute.






It’s safe to assume that these Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs will be around until Easter Sunday on April 12th. Although you can never be so sure, someone might just decide to hoard them all! So, you know the drill—time to head over to the nearest Tesco in your area and grab as many packs as you can. Just make sure you have enough left to munch on in time for the actual Easter Sunday.