Darius Brown Makes Homeless Cats And Dogs Stylish Bow Ties To Help Them Find A Loving Home

Every year, approximately 3.2 million cats and 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters in the US. Out of these shelter animals, only 1.6 million cats and 1.6 million dogs are adopted each year. And the sad truth is, around 1.5 million of these shelter animals are euthanized due to overcrowding, age, illness, or aggressive behaviors. For these rescue animals, finding a new home is the ultimate dream. Unfortunately, not all of them are fortunate enough to get adopted. Days, months, and even years of waiting for a family to pick them up can also be stressful for these poor creatures. But a Darius thought of a clever way to help these rescue animals get noticed. His solution – stylish bow ties.

darius brown donates stylish bow ties animal shelters

Darius Brown from New Jersey creates stylish bow ties for cats and dogs to help them stand out and attract potential adopters. Thus, increasing their chances of getting adopted. Brown hand-makes each small-sized bow tie to fit any size of our four-legged companions. When worn, these fashionable bow ties add a touch of charm and elegance to the aspiring adoptee.

puppy with cute bow tie

At an early age, Brown has encountered and conquered many challenges in his young life. He was diagnosed with developmental delays in speech and fine motor skills when he was 2 years old. But he was able to cope with this health condition at the age of 8. At that time, his older sister has been making bow ties. He showed interest with the craft so he helped her sister by cutting the fabric for the bows. The activity significantly developed his fine motor skills and his condition took a turn for the better.

His passion for the craft went to a higher degree when he finally learned how to make bow ties. At 11 years old, he has been making stylish bow ties for people and their furry pets. Due to his increasing clientele, he established his own pet couture company Beaux & Paws that specializes in creating matching bow ties for pet owners and their pets.

darius brown bow ties fabric selection


darius brown handmade stylish bow ties


darius brown makes stylish bow ties for pets


beaux and paws stylish bow ties

Brown recognized the imminent threat that shelter animals are facing. And he knew he needed to do something to save them. Witnessing how stylish bow ties can beautify and glamorize our furry companions, he decided to donate some of his products to different shelters across the US and UK.  Since 2018, he has been making countless bow ties for shelter animals in his mission to help them find a new home. His inspiring endeavor has been featured in many TV shows and publications. More surprisingly, his compassionate effort was recognized by the former US president Barack Obama and even sent him a letter to commend him.

Darius Brown visits adoption centers and shelters to donate stylish bow ties to rescue animals

darius brown visits animal shelter


darius brown bow ties animal shelters


darius brown stylish bow ties for cats and dogs


darius brown stylish bow ties for dogs


darius brown donates bow ties to rescue animals


beaux and paws bow ties for pets

Former US President Barack Obama honored the young philanthropist with a letter of recognition

barack obama letter to darius brown

A good heart is truly worth gold as Brown continues to gain recognition from award-giving bodies in the US. In July 2019, he will again receive an award from the Jasmina Anema Youth Award. In addition to these, his Instagram and Facebook pages have been garnering more and more followers every day.

darius brown jasmina anema youth award

Beaux & Paws creates fashionable bow ties for dogs and cats to make them look irresistibly elegant

dog with blue bow tie


rescue dog with colorful bow tie


happy dog with bow tie


dog with stylish bow tie


cat with stylish bow tie


black cat with red bow tie


dog with bow tie


dog with red bow tie

The kindhearted boy is aiming to extend his altruistic works to a greater scope. But in order to fulfill this, he will need to purchase more materials and tools to yield more products. Moreover, he will need to pay shipping fees in order to transport packages to distant adoption centers and shelters. For this reason, his older sister Dazhai launched a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to seek people’s support in making his brother’s dream come true.

Source: Instagram | GoFundMe