50 Times People Were Shocked At The Level These Birds Stooped To Be Jerks

If you think birds are the most innocent creatures in the world then we’re here to prove you wrong. In fact, we have evidences in photos showing birds being jerks to expose the dark side of these feathered animals. There are plenty of people acting like jerks around us who can really make us blow a fuse. But it’s a different thing when animals, such as birds, are the ones acting like jerks. Well, if humans can be nitwits, why can’t animals too?

Birds are probably the biggest airheads in the animal kingdom. While some of you may argue that birds are wholesome creatures, let their victims explain to you how these ‘wholesome’ birds ruined their day. And how these ‘innocent’ winged animals aggravated other animals and even their own kinds. You’ll definitely won’t mess with a bird after seeing these photos of birds being jerks. For sure, you don’t want to experience these mishaps courtesy of our feathered friends.

But no matter how infuriating their pranks are, we still love them just the same. No matter how many times they poop on our heads, we’ll just simply wipe it away with a smile like nothing happened. No matter how many times they steal our food out of nowhere, we’ll just shrug our shoulders and let them have it. Besides, we already know how much of a jerk they are.

Here are photos showing birds being jerks that will either make you laugh or make you feel annoyed

“Angry Cockatoo Tears Down Anti-Bird Spikes And Throws Them To The Ground”

“This Bird Waits For My Coworker To Show Up Every Morning. Then Spends The Day Looking At Itself In The Mirror And Shitting”

“Nice Paint Job. Be A Shame If Someone…”

“I Don’t Think This Bird Can Read”


“This Photo Of A Pelican Trying To Eat My Phone”

“Just Try To Frigging Cage Me Again”

“[Screw] This Tree In Particular”

“So.. Did The Bunny Grow Wings And Go To Heaven?”

“Taken One Second Before Disaster”

“This Goose Is Fery Angry”

“This Bird [friggin] Hates Spelling”

“Bird Trying To Snack On The Family Pet”

“Sometimes When Billy Is With His Friends He Can Be A Bit Mischievous”

This Happened

The Australian Firehawks

The Australian Firehawk really lives up to its name. These avian species intentionally initiate and spread wildfire by carrying flaming sticks to unburnt areas. They do this so they can easily pick out fleeing prey or feast on the charred remains of the animals that were caught in the fire.

“Who’s Laughing Now Ass****?”

“Is This Cake Batter?!” *dunks Entire Head In*


“Basically A Summary Of What Its Like To Own A Bird”

“Keeps Pecking The Window And Shouting At Me While I’m Trying To Work. D**k”

“Payback To The Masters”

“This Hawk Has Approximately Zero F**ks To Give About The Bees”

“It Looks Better On The Floor, Karen”

“So This Dick Takes The Best Parking Spot Today”

“From The National Aquarium Of New Zealand”

“Sister Wanted To Pet Chicken, Chicken Disagreed”

Mr. Steal Your Fries

Just A Nibble

Birds Being Jerks

birds being jerks videobomber

Stretch Swan

birds being jerks stretch swan

Look At This Jerk

“Guess I’ll Nest On This [friggin] Coffee” – Pigeon

Birds Being Jerks

“No Hooman You All Will Not Facetime Without Me!”

“This Adorable Little Asshole Eating My Sammich While Standing On The Goddamn Piece Of Bread I Gave Him”

“It Looks Like Dozens Of Birds Decided To Sh*t On One Car At My Work”

Theft Bird


“My Friend Took This Down At The Beach The Other Day… Need I Say More?”

“The Cement Wasn’t Dry Yet..but Who Cares If You’re This Bird…”

“A Hawk Used My Car As A Dinner Plate This Morning”

“Duck Gives No Ducks”


Beware Of The Cobra Chicken

“Making My Son Cry Because She Stole His Sucker. And The Look In Those Eyes Is Pure Evil”

This Goose Blocking The Road

“Get A Load Of This Ass****…”

“Trying To Take A Picture Posing With The Birds”

Seagull Attack

birds being jerks seagull attack