20 People Share Their Shopping Disasters That Are So Bad They’re Borderline Hilarious

There are times when reality just doesn’t meet your expectations. This holds true especially when shopping. Be it in-store or online shopping, it’s inevitable to experience some shopping disasters from time to time. While it’s true that shopping can be relaxing, do note that it can be equally stressful as well.

Ever experienced receiving an item that’s totally different from what you had ordered? Well, we bet that you’re not the only one. Sadly, companies would do everything just to make their products sell—even if it means deceiving their customers at times.


Buying Leggings Online


“The ‘giant’ fish I ordered and what I received. I’ve never been more disappointed with a $2 purchase. My regular sized hand for reference.”


“When you order your Halloween costume on wish.com”

In most cases, they’ll try their best to market their products in the fanciest way possible. An exceptional advertisement or even a nice packaging doesn’t always equate to a great product, more so value for your money. Oftentimes, these are merely marketing schemes that companies employ to entice customers into buying their subpar goods.


“A lot of packaging, very little chocolate”


“You can just see the tinnyyy amount of product I just bought for a ridiculous amount of money”


“This Bottle of glue is only half the size you think it is.”

That said, the ultimate key to avoiding these purchase pitfalls is to be a wise consumer. Indeed, it pays to read the product description as well as customer reviews before purchasing something. Don’t solely rely on the product’s advertised photo itself, especially if you’re shopping online.


Expectation – Reality


“bought rings online”


“The hiking boots I ordered online look a little different than the picture they provided”

However, some companies are downright sneaky that it’s hard to tell whether they’re really offering a great deal or not. So, if you’ve been a victim of such a sly tactic, just charge it to experience. But hopefully, you don’t fall for the same trap again.

In the meantime, here are more of these shopping fails to remind you that everyone has had their fair share of bad purchases. Let us know the worst shopping disaster you’ve experienced in the comments section below.


“Paid for a first class train ticket advertising a ‘table’.”


“I am glad I turned that around”


“This transparent sun visor”


“The sauce and cheese on this frozen pizza separated completely from the crust”


“Toothpaste dispenser, yo”


“Putting outwardly imperceptible, laser etched branding on prescription glasses so the always look like they have a smudge on them to the wearer.”


“Is this some kind of new technology, so that the expiration date is not faked?”


“A little surprise inside my cookie container”


“My New Nike free run shoes after my first run”


“A friend ordered pizza, but it turned out to be a little different”


“AliExpress never ceases to please”