People Share Hilarious Photos Of Cats Being Jerks

If you’re going to ask us which among the members of the animal kingdom is the biggest jerk of all, we’ll be torn between cats and birds. Now, cat lovers surely have something to say about this. But we’ll say it again and again, your pet cat is a total jerk. Sure, they are cute and irresistibly adorable. But behind those mesmerizing ‘Puss in Boots’ eyes is their real nature – self-centered, stubborn and sometimes scary to. Need more proof? Here you go.

But we’re not done with the proof just yet. Of course, cat lovers can just say that their pets are ‘just being cats’ and they are just misunderstood. Sure, felines have different ways of expressing their love to their owners. Unlike dogs, these furry felines don’t cuddle with you just to show their affection. They only need two things: for you to feed them and then leave them alone. No cuddling and petting allowed or they will be annoyed with you.


These Pet Cats Are Total Jerks

But you know what they say. If you love somebody, you need to accept all their flaws and imperfections as well. Cats may not be the friendliest and the most loyal pets (because dogs are) but their indifference is what makes them truly unique. More importantly, felines aren’t actually naturally hardwired to live with humans. In the wild, they are used to an independent life and hunting prey for survival. Needless to say, they aren’t born to become somebody else’s companion.


“Guys Maintenance Tried To Visit My House Today And Only Left This On The Door. I’m Crying”


“I Couldn’t Breathe When I Slept So I Installed A Camera”


“He’s On A Diet. It’s Not Going Great”

So, we’re going to reuse the phrase that cat owners always use to rebut our claims: cats are cats. Indeed, no matter how you domesticate or train them to become ideal pets, you can’t just change their natural ways. They would rather be alone than waste their precious time with you. And when they do approach you (if you’re lucky), it either means they want you to feed them or they simply want to annoy you.


Cats Invade Bunny Cage


The Pet Cat Is A Total Jerk During Virtual Classes


“My Cat, Deeply Asleep With The Last Piece Of A Jigsaw Puzzle. We’ve Been Searching For It For 10 Minutes”

Well, it’s time to show you some real proof that pet cats are total jerks. But nonetheless, we won’t deny that they provide an endless source of entertainment for everyone. Without much further ado, here are the naughtiest felines in the animal kingdom.


“My Cat Just Came Back From One Of Her Evening Strolls With Someone Else’s Keys In Her Mouth”


“That Smile, That Damn Smile”


This Cat Is Not Stuck




“Every Time I Straighten Them, Stevie Jumps Up And ‘Fixes’ Them”


“My Cat Fell Asleep In My Salad”


“My Cat Furgus. He Also Doubles Up As A Step”


“Heard My Husband Screaming While In The Shower… Walked In On This”


“Turned My Back For A Minute And She Peed In 20 Cups Of Uncooked Rice”


Murderous Kitty


“Max Must Not Be Allowed In The Library”



Egg Thief


“My Cat Loves To Shred Toilet Paper. Today, She Found My Entire Stash”


“This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”


This Cat Eats Succulents


“My wife and I are on our way to a wedding in Vermont and we pulled over on the highway to switch drivers and as soon as we got out our cat Diesel stepped on the lock button and locked us out.”


“It’s Hard To Work With A Cat Around”


“Cat Returns With Sausage Stolen From Unknown Neighbors BBQ”


“Got A New Kitten Who Has No Fear, This Is How I Have To Eat Every Meal Now”


“The World’s Worst Cat has discovered that he can wake the big people up by barging into the toddler’s room at 6AM and waking *him* up”


“Just Why..”


“My Neighbor’s Cat Drops By Every Once In A While To Stick His Head Through The Window And Scream At My Cat”


“I Wanted My Cat To Go To The Vet. My Cat Didn’t Want To Go. So We Compromised And I Went To Urgent Care”


“I Needed To Use The Restroom And Saw This Instead”


Got Blocked By My Facebook Friends


Can I Just Get A Moment Alone To Go To The Bathroom?


“Thanks For Ruining My Breakfast”


“She Didn’t Have A Problem With It Until We Were 2 Hours Away From Home, Then Suddenly It Was A Huge Problem’


“Look At Her Living Life Like She Pays Her Own Vet Bills”


“Spent A Week On This Puzzle…”


“The Cat Was Mad We Weren’t Home To Feed Her Dinner, And Got Back At Us By Ripping Apart A Pack Of Bagels And Taking A Tiny Bite Out Of Each One”


Clean My Fur


“And It’s Ruined”


Sneaky Pizza Thief


“My Cat Just Bit The Corner Of My MacBook And Now My Screen Is Cracked”


“Cat Left My Husband A Present This Morning…”


“My Sister Is Babysitting My Cat, Benny. He’s Very Demanding”


Clever Cat


“He Pushed My TV Off The Stand”


“Went Missing Yesterday. Came Home Tonight About Two Hours After I’d Printed The Expensive Flyers.”