The New Peach Lemonade Frost By Auntie Anne’s Is A Refreshing Summery Drink

Despite the wide assortment of summer fruit options, peaches continue to be a consistent favorite among the crowd. Brands have been busy releasing peachy goodies for us the moment the temperature started rising, like Jack Daniel’s and Pillsbury. We’ve also seen it as a base for several fast food sips this season. And now, Auntie Anne’s has added a Peach Lemonade Frost offering to their summer lineup to make sure things even more peachy!

The peach flavor follows the Auntie Anne’s Strawberry Frost, which was introduced last year. It joins the pretzel chain’s other Lemonade Frost flavors, which comprises of Blue Raspberry, Mango and Cherry. All these other flavors are good and all, but nothing screams summer like a cool peach-flavored treat, right?



Auntie Anne’s has a Peach Lemonade Frost out this summer


“Lemonade Frosts are back… with a sweet addition! Try our newest Lemonade Frost, which combines our famous Frozen Lemonade with a taste of peachy paradise.”


The Lemonade Frosts all have Auntie Anne’s Frozen Lemonade mixed with a vanilla smoothie base. Then, the base is layered with flavored syrup, like peach and topped with whipped cream. Its components may be few, but don’t underestimate Auntie Anne’s Lemonade Frosts! These frosty, fruity lemonade sips have been appearing in the pretzel chain’s menu for years now, and people always look forward to trying out their newest flavor.



The Peach Frost is a limited edition offering. It’s expected to be available throughout the summer, so you still have plenty of time to try it. You can get this treat in small (12oz, $3.79) and medium (20oz, $4.29). This peach-flavored sip will surely make a great partner to your pretzel snack this summer. Luckily, if you’re not in the mood to visit Auntie Anne’s, you can order the Peach Frost online. So what are you waiting for?