Fruit Infusing Ice Balls

Give your ordinary drinks a fruity splash with these fruit infusing ice balls. Since the craze for ‘fruit-infused water’ started a few years back, we discovered the nutritional benefits of adding small pieces of cut fruits or herbs to drinking water. Fruits and herbs don’t only amp up the taste of plain water. But more importantly, fruit-infused water helps get rid of toxins from the body, increases energy, and makes a good source of additional vitamins.

This healthy trend had also found its way to other beverages aside from water. Adding sliced lemons to iced tea makes the drink more refreshing. Strawberry-infused seltzer lets you enjoy this sparkling drink with a sweet, berry twist. Adding mint leaves to lemonade brings the freshness of this tangy-sweet beverage to another level. Of course, adding fruits and herbs to your hard liquors gives a burst of fruity flavors to your cocktails. But here’s the thing, you can make this healthy trend even more fun by using these plastic molds to create fruit infusing ice balls.


Fruit Infusing Ice Balls

fruit infusing ice balls

With small pieces of fruits inside, watch as these fruit infusing ice balls slowly melt and release the fruits to infuse them into your ice cold drink. Making them is quite easy. Open the ice mold sphere and place your choice of fruit or herb inside.

Make sure that the fruits are cut into smaller pieces to let the flavors infuse with the liquid. Place the top lid on and make sure to close it firmly. Then open the silicone flip top cap and fill the mold with water. Close the flip top cap and freeze the ice mold sphere in the freezer. Once frozen, simply take the ice ball out of the mold and add it to your beverage.

fruit-infused ice sphere

The sphere molds for these fruit infusing ice balls are made of clear plastic measuring 2.6 inches in diameter. It is top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and it comes in a set of 4. And in case you’re wondering if you can use these molds to create chocolate bombs or herb bombs then the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

“They can be used in a variety of cocktails to customize your drinks. Very clever.”, one happy buyer wrote. “I bought these ice molds for my boyfriend’s birthday present and we love them! It’s fun to freeze tea/juice/water with garnishes inside.”, another buyer wrote.

fruit infusing ice balls molds

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