This Portable Smoke Infuser Adds An Authentic Smokehouse Flavor To Your Food And Drinks

You can now add a natural smoky flavor to your food and drinks anytime, anywhere with this portable smoke infuser. The smoking of meat and fish is initially used as a food preservation technique. But the method itself adds a distinctive flavor to the food that many people find so delectable. Many chefs were able to pull the elements of this technique to bring the smoky flavor into other food such as desserts and beverages to create a new palatable and visual impact.

But you don’t need to be a chef and there’s no need to build an expensive smokehouse just to get the depth of flavor of smoked food. With this smoke infuser, you can get the same authentic flavor without the time-consuming method of a traditional smokehouse. Just bring this handheld device anywhere and smoke your food or drink anytime you feel like it. This battery-operated device has a smoking chamber to contain various types of wood chips. It comes with a 3-inch straight hose and a 10-inch flexible hose to direct the flow of smoke into the food.


Portable Smoke Infuser For Food And Drinks

handheld food and drink smoking device

This infuser is to be used in conjunction with a smoking dome cover to confine the smoke within the plate. This allows the cold smoke to seep into the food in order for the smoky flavor to be absorbed. Connect the infuser hose into the dome cover’s rubber port. Turn the device on then ignite the wood chips in the chamber by using a match or a lighter. Watch as the smoke envelopes your food or drinks inside the plastic dome. Your smoked meal and drinks will be ready in just 30 seconds.

handheld food and drink smoker


portable smoke infuser

This portable infuser is made of aluminum alloy and silicone. It has a compact and sleek design. This smoker only measures 6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and only weighs half a pound. The chamber has an anodized aluminum lining to generate and release cold smoke. It also has a built-in stainless steel mesh filter for easy cleaning. Take note that the smoking device doesn’t come with wood chips or a dome cover. You can use a wide range of wood chips available on the market including hickory, applewood, cherrywood, mesquite, oakwood, maple and more. You can get the smoking cloche dome cover here.


This Device Creates Cold Smoke To Retain The Temperature Of Hot Or Cold Food And Beverages

portable smoke infuser food and drinks


portable smoke infuser wood chips


smoking gun wood chips chamber

This infuser creates cold smoke that will not change the temperature and texture of your food. Ideal to be used on cocktails, chocolates, cheeses and butter to add a woodsy note without heating up your drinks or melting your snack. If you don’t have a plastic dome cover at hand, you can use a ziplocked bag instead. Slide open the battery compartment door to install 4 AA batteries (not included).  One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This small and portable smoke infuser helps me add mesquite flavor to my ribeye steaks. I used ziplock bags as I already have my steaks prepped in bags to travel. This worked great!”

handheld food smoker battery compartment


cocktail smoker


portable smoke infuser use


portable smoke infuser box

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