New Pop-Tarts Lemon Groove Tastes Like Pink Lemonade

Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts is starting off 2021 with an unexpected flavor. If last year they treated our sweet tooth to sugary flavors like the Chocolatey Churro and Red Velvet Cupcake varieties, this time our favorite toaster pastry’s offering summer in the middle of winter with their Pop-Tarts Lemon Groove! Clearly our taste buds are in for a groovy experience!

The Lemon Groove flavor isn’t entirely brand new. In fact, it’s the reinvention of the Pink Lemonade Pop-Tarts that came out for a limited time in 2016. It was definitely a refreshing offering, since we all know that Pop-Tarts usually base their flavors on dessert and treats. Strangely enough, the drink-inspired toaster pastry hasn’t been a regular on the shelves. It’s comeback has definitely been a long time coming! So whether you got to try the original pink lemonade Pop-Tarts or if you’re just learning about it now, this treat is definitely one you shouldn’t miss!

pop-tarts lemon groove 16-count box


pop-tarts lemon groove 10 groovy lemon designs


The Pop-Tarts Lemon Groove offers sweet and tangy flavors that will have you thinking of bright summer days

We can expect the same sweet and tangy flavors from pink lemonade with the Lemon Groove. However, it’s also quite different from its predecessor in some ways. The original version that contained pink filling and was topped with pink icing and yellow sprinkles. The 2021 Lemon Groove comes filled with millennial pink frosting but is topped with white frosting decorated with groovy images of lemons instead. Each pack contains 10 Pop-Tarts, so you can look forward to finding 10 different groovy lemon designs.


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Snack-centric Instagram accounts @foodiewiththebeasts and @snackgator have already spotted the new Pop-Tarts treat at their local stores. And since Kellogg’s hasn’t indicated whether the Lemon Groove is a limited edition offering or not, we’re assuming that it’s here to stay. We’re definitely leaning towards snacking on these untoasted! How about you? To toast or to not to toast?

Source: Walmart