Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach Is This Summer’s Go-To Drink

Fruity booze is all the rage every summer. It’s also this particular time of the year when the Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails line reappears in liquor stores. And you know what this means – it means we can finally have Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach once again!

This refreshing malt beverage has been making our summer bubblier and more exciting since 2017. But for some reason, this peach-flavored alcoholic drink has only gotten into the spotlight just recently. Now, people are excited to get their hands on this refreshing sip and we can’t really blame them. Considered the most favorite flavor in the Country Cocktails line, the Southern Peach flavor is described as a ‘refreshing take on Southern Charm’ and we like the sound of that!


Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach Country Cocktails

jack daniel's southern peach

The Southern Peach features an enticing blend of peach flavor with a soft hint of Tennessee Whiskey. It contains 4.8% ABV for a smooth and refreshing summertime sip with just the right kick. This fruity booze comes in a 10-oz bottle in a pack of six and you can find this ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage at liquor stores and grocery stores across the United States and Canada only.

jack daniel's southern peach 6-pack


jack daniel's southern peach country cocktails

Let us tell you beforehand that this most-requested booze is hard to find as they quickly sell out. But don’t worry because you can have Instacart find these peach-flavored beauties and have them delivered to your door. Treat yourself with these fruity, sweet concoctions and experience the charm and vigor of summer.













Source: Instacart