Vans Are Launching New Frida Kahlo-Inspired Collection To Commemorate The Talented Painter

American shoe manufacturing company Vans continues to pay tribute to the most influential artists of all time. Last year, the shoe brand launched its Van Gogh-inspired fashion collection to commemorate the iconic Dutch painter. The collection includes classic sneakers and apparels featuring Van Gogh’s famous paintings.  This year, Vans continues to celebrate art by featuring yet again another eminent painter. And she’s none other than Frida Kahlo – one of the Mexico’s greatest artists. This fall, the shoe company releases the Vault by Vans x Frida Kahlo Collection. This new line of footwear includes classic footwear featuring a curated selection of Kahlo’s paintings.

Vans introduces a new footwear collection inspired by Frida Kahlo’s artworks

vans x frida kahlo collection

The limited edition Vault by Vans x Frida Kahlo Collection highlights three of Kahlo’s most exemplary paintings. It includes the OG Slip-On LX, a pair of Vans classic sneakers adorned with Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (1940). This particular painting was Kahlo’s most intriguing artwork as it presents so many aspects which symbolizes her personal life. Her divorce from Diego Rivera prompted her to create this self-portrait. Many believed that the thorn necklace around her neck symbolizes her pain over the separation. Surprisingly, the self-portrait was later purchased by her ex-lover Nickolas Murray when she was struggling financially.

vault vans x frida kahlo collection self-portrait


vault vans x frida kahlo collection thorn necklace

Another piece of the Vault by Vans x Frida Kahlo Collection is the OG Authentic LX, a pair of classic sneakers featuring Kahlo’s Viva la Vida (1954) painting. This particular painting is known to be her last painting. It presents watermelons painted in vibrant red color with a mysterious phrase written on one of the watermelon slices. The phrase reads Viva La Vida (Spanish for ‘Long Live Life’) which was written by Kahlo eight days before she died of pulmonary embolism.

vault vans x frida kahlo collection watermelon viva la vida


vault vans x frida kahlo collection viva la vida

The last piece of the collection is the OG Sk8-Hi LX, a pair of Vans sneakers featuring another Kahlo’s self-portrait The Two Fridas (1939). This painting was Kahlo’s first large-scale artwork that depicts two versions of herself seated together. It is believed that this double self-portrait was an expression of her feelings and a manifestation of her inner nature.

vault vans x frida kahlo collection two fridas


van frida kahlo inspired collection

The Vault by Vans x Frida Kahlo Collection made its debut on June 29 and is exclusively available at select Vault dealers for a limited time only.