Aldi Is Selling Bottles Of Sweet Peach Wine Which Will Become Your Best Friend This Summer

On a hot summer day, a glass of wine and ice-cold fruit juice are all we need to cool down. But what if you can have both in one sip? This Sweet Peach Wine by Burlwood Cellars is a light-bodied wine with fruity natural flavors of sweet peach and notes of tropical fruit and white flower. In other words, it’s 100% refreshingly delicious. And we believe we’ve found our ideal summer booze.

This fruity Sweet Peach Wine contains 9% ABV to give you just the right kick to get you summer-ready. It is best served chilled and would go perfectly well with delicious meals. Or you can just enjoy it on its own while you relax on a beach lounger on a beautiful sunny day.


Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Peach Wine

pacific fruit vineyards sweet peach wine
Aldi | Pixabay

You can find these sweet boozy beverage on Aldi stores. And you’ve got to hurry because these beauties are listed as Aldi’s seasonal products and they’ll only be here around summer. The light pink-colored wine comes in a 750ml bottle. Just look at that mesmerizing beverage. Go ahead and give in to your cravings by getting one for yourself now.

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