30 People Share The Times They Discovered Surprising Things Inside Buildings Left By Previous Owners

Old houses often have stories and secrets to tell. At the same time, they’re like chests loaded with treasures waiting to be found. From doors that lead to hidden passages to dark and dusty attics full of antique valuables, unexpected and unintentional discoveries are truly the best. Below, you’ll witness some of the most unique and bizarre things that homeowners have discovered in their new homes.

Home repairs and renovations are always an exciting activity. Aside from beautifying and revamping your space, they also give you a chance to learn more about your humble abode. This may include potential upgrades for the future or, in the case of these homeowners, secrets from the past.


Several homeowners have shared some of the most unique and bizarre things they’ve discovered while settling into their new homes


“Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found!”


“Treasure in my bathroom????”


“I was helping my Dad move into his new office when we found a trapdoor…”


“This vintage space themed wallpaper found under 3 layers of other wallpaper in an old farmhouse.”


“The Walgreens in my neighborhood used to be a bank and they used its vault as their vitamin section”

Some were lucky to have unearthed prized possessions from previous homeowners such as old coins and even jewelry pieces. Meanwhile, others were stunned to have found secret structures like old wells and trapdoors that lead to even more surprises. Regardless of the size, shape, or nature of these discoveries, we could all agree that it’s amazing finding things in unexpected places. It’s basically just like finding spare change inside your jeans’ pockets!


“Friend was redecorating his new house and found this under a layer of wallpaper”


“Found a paw print on a brick wall”


Apparently, old structures can serve as avant-garde decors too!


“The table at this pub has a well in the middle of it.”


“My grandparents have a glassed-over well in their kitchen”


“Untouched 1800’s Cemetery preserved in the basement of a tall building built over it.”

Keep reading to find out what these lucky homeowners have unintentionally uncovered during their home renovations. Plus, you might also want to take down a few notes along the way! Who knows? Your home might be holding some secrets too!


“Our new apartment has a little milk door under the cabinets”


“My friend decided to replace her old carpet and she found a cellar door and a cool surprise”


“My apartment is an old police station and still has the original cell doors but painted.”


“Found some friends in a mile-long tunnel that travels beneath my apartment building.”


“Lost hippie mural found under my flooded house”


“Found a message while removing our cork floor tiles”


“My living room was built around a huge sandstone rock”


“This wall broke exposing years of layers of paint”


“Found some nice drawings under the wallpaper I’m removing”


“100-year-old elevator handle I saved.”


“These “Tom and Jerry” type mouse holes gnawed in a house built in 1741″


“Uncovered at a Times Square construction site”


“I’ve been living in my house and I just noticed my back door handle is a spoon.”


“The house I’m staying in has kept its original well as a feature…”


This couple discovered a hidden hot tub underneath the floor of their newly bought house


“So I just moved into a new apartment, and made a big discovery.”


“While renovating my basement we found this painting on the cement behind the wall”


“I recently moved into a 70s porn motif dream home. This is my bathtub.”


“Apparently, disposing of old razor blades inside your wall was acceptable in the 1950’s.”


“This mail slot in a building I was in today sends the mail down 17 stories to the basement. Original from 1929.”


“My house still has old-fashioned light switches from its original construction”


“This building has the original 1909 electrical switches.”


“Found this 20-year-old promise hidden under the wallpaper in our new house.”


“Friend tore down his wall for renovations and found this mural on another wall behind it.”


Some homeowners even have figured a way to repurpose their unique discoveries


“My house used to be a bank, so we use the old safe/vault as a basement.”


“There’s a random chain embedded in the wall of my 1930s-era home”


“A house my GF and I looked at had a shower in the guest room.”


“The fan in my toilet (probably from the 70s) has the same logo as Beats by Dre”


“My house still has the original light switches”

Which of these discoveries has blown your mind the most? Have you discovered anything like these in your new home too? Let us know in the comments section below!