This Pan Mini Fire Anchor Is A Must Have Accessory For Camping

Turn your campfire into a versatile cooking area with this pan mini fire anchor. Great-tasting food and warm soothing drinks make camping even more enjoyable. Besides, the experience of cooking over a campfire is one of the main reasons why some of us are into camping. Indeed, cooking on an open flame outdoors gives you the best food you’ve ever tasted. But we’ve got to admit that campfire cooking can be a bit intimidating. Not unless you’ve got the right cooking equipment and utensils.

This pan mini fire anchor will help you become a campfire cooking master in no time. Designed with convenience and versatility in mind, it allows you to fry, grill, cook, or boil water over the campfire simultaneously. For such a small cooking equipment, it can handle big things and make camping cookout a breeze. This easy to use cooking item features a central pole with two moveable arms where you hang cooking pots, kettle, and frying pans.


Pan Mini Fire Anchor

pan mini fire anchor

The central pole is made up of two sections with 45-degree cut that goes down into the lower section to stop movement. When connected, the two tubes make a 27.5 inches long pole that can be easily anchored into the ground next to the campfire. The arms can be placed separately on the main pole at your preferred direction and height. One of the arms features a hook from which a cooking pot or kettle can be hung. The other arm has a large circular end to hold frying pan, casserole, grill grate, and other cast-iron cookware.

pan mini fire anchor components


pan mini fire anchor hook pan holder


versatile campfire cooking equipment


From traditional hot dogs to beef stew, this pan mini fire anchor will help you cook delicious meals while you boil water for some hot tea at the same time. It is entirely made of forged steel which is oil quenched with dark finish to help reduce rust. When it’s time to pack up, simply detach each component and pile them neatly together into a carrying case (not included). Simply wipe down each tube to clean and store in dry place to prevent rusting. And please note that the cookware shown on the pictures are not included in the purchase.

forged steel camping kettle holder


pan mini fire anchor campfire cooking


forged steel campfire cooking equipment


“Well built, great quality, and portability is just absolutely exquisite lightweight and durable. Can’t get over how great it compactly puts away. I went on 3-day 2-night backpacking trip and made my buds jealous how quick and easy it was to set up and use.”

campfire cooking equipment tubes


bushcraft gear camping


pan mini fire anchor moveable arms


pan mini fire anchor swing arms

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