Inventive Teachers Whose Classes You Wouldn’t Want To Skip

When you think about your days in education, you probably have mixed feelings about the experience. Some people hated school whilst others would give a lot to go back to simpler times. One thing that heavily impacted whether or not people enjoyed school was the teachers. Most of us had educators that we really liked, and others that we really disliked. Well, here we have a collection of inventive teachers whose classes you wouldn’t want to skip! Take a look!

Inventive Teachers Whose Classes You Wouldn’t Want To Skip

Some people need to be reminded of this… 

This teacher clearly has swagger! 

How to keep an eye on those pesky students at the back of the room! 

This awesome teacher dresses up as a book reaper to collect overdue items! 

A simple and cost effective way of ensuring students don’t cheat during exams! 

The thought of food and hunger can easily sidetrack one’s mind. 

Halloween at this school is clearly a blast! 

This is an excellent way of motivating students to hand their work in on time! 

Always remember that someone else is always worse off than yourself.

One way of handling vandalism… 

If only this was a video instead! 

This teacher takes no prisoners! 

A good meme is always helpful for engaging young minds… 

Well played, teacher, well played.