The ‘Master Pan’ Lets You Cook 5 Different Things Separately All From One Pan

Every second matters for people on the go so it would be nice to have something that allows them to cook an entire meal in one go. Well, guess what, there actually is! Introducing the Master Pan, an innovative cooking pan with 5 separate compartments so you can cook a full meal using only one pan. There’s no need to break out an entire set of cookware just to rustle up five different foods. With its multi-sectional design, you can now prepare a full course meal with ease.

Perfect for picky eaters, you can separate the meats from the veggies without mixing them together as you cook. The pan only requires one burner which makes it perfect for small kitchens. Additionally, you’ll only have just one pan to clean when you’re done cooking. You can cook faster, enjoy delicious meals and clean less. What more could you ask for?

5 compartment meal skillet


What Is The Pan Made Of?

The pan is made of 100% die cast aluminum with a double layer of Whitford’s XYLAN Plus coating. This non-stick and stain resistant pan makes cooking easier and there is less mess because food comes right off the pan.  Plus, it features a heavy gauge metallic base plate that transfers heat evenly throughout the pan. With this energy-efficient base, you can ensure optimum heat transfer to achieve perfectly and evenly cooked meals.

5 section meal skillet cookware


the master pan


the master pan 5 sections

The pan also features an ergonomic Bakelite handle which is oven-safe to 350 degrees F for one hour. The entire pan measures 15 inches long, 12 inches wide and 1.25 inches thick. More importantly, its 5-compartment design allows perfect portion control in cooking any possible food combinations. Moreover, this unique pan is dishwasher safe. Since it uses a non-stick coating, a quick hand wash also does the trick.

5 section skillet pan


skillet pan with 5 compartments


You Can Cook Anything In The Master Pan

the master pan 5 compartments



meal skillet

So, why use five pans when you only need one? Get the pan here and cook your favorite meals easier and faster than ever before. Making perfect portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be a breeze. One happy customer wrote:

“Very satisfied with this pan. It is pretty big but worth the storage space for the time saver it is. So far we cooked a full breakfast with it and it heated everything and cooked everything perfectly. I highly recommend this pan.”


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Watch the video below to learn more about the pan